Add venting holes to your Punisher body

The Team Associated RC8.2e buggy kit comes with a JConcepts Punisher body. We all know that electronics components’ temperature is crucial for any 1/8 electric buggy.  The cooler they run, the happier they are!

The Punisher body shape is made so we can make venting holes just where the battery, ESC and motor are located. I used a body reamer to make several small holes and I used body scissor to remove extra lexan material. The holes are large enough to increase airflow into the body and the air goes directly on the battery, ESC and motor. Of course, these holes will let enter a little more dirt but at least your electronics will be cooler.


I noticed my ESC and motor were about 10F cooler after I did the venting holes. This is not a huge difference but it can be enough to prevent your electronics from frying and ruin your day.




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