Mark Pavidis talks about his move to TLR

Mark Pavidis talks about his move to TLR Articles
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Mark Pavidis talks about his move to TLR


In the R/C industry, Mark Pavidis is a legend. Since his debut in 1986, Mark has won many major races including the 2003 Nationals and the 2006 World Championships. His name has been associated to Kyosho for more than a decade. Recently Mark has left Kyosho to join TLR. The news has spread quickly in the R/C industry. I’ve contacted Mark and he has greatly accepted to answer ours questions and to give few minutes of his precious time. The question everyone wants to know. Why have you left Kyosho?
Mark Pavidis: The reason for leaving Kyosho was not one that I took lightly. It was simply based on the teams budget and nothing personal. I remember an interview on a at the last ROAR Nats at Thunder Alley. You seemed discouraged and not really satisfied by your results.  When did you take the decision to leave Kyosho?
Mark Pavidis: I was not necessarily discouraged to say but let down. I know at the pro level we race at having a pit guy that you work with at all the races makes a difference on all levels. I had the speed to make the main but we came up short. My friends that helped pit for me did a great job and were very much appreciated. Enough talked about the past, now let’s talk about the future. How things are going with your new TLR vehicles?
Mark Pavidis: Things are going really well. As I type this I am in Mississippi attending an event which will actually be my second race with the buggy and truggy. My first race with the new cars a few weeks back in Alabama went extremely well. I had a top three finish in truggy and was running in third in buggy when the car stalled. The kyosho and LOSI cars are both great cars but both drive extremely different. So far, what did you like the most of your new vehicles?
Mark Pavidis: The LOSI cars do not have to be driven very hard to produce fast lap times. This really fits my electric off road background where more finesse needs to be applied. Few videos and pictures of your new vehicles have been posted on Neo-Buggy. How goes the transition to your new Losi 8ight 2.0 and 8ight-t 2.0?
Mark Pavidis: I was with Kyosho for a very long time and I knew every move the kyosho car made and why. My very first time on the track I found myself turning into corners early and over jumping the jumps trying to time the jumps etc. At this moment, did you mainly focus on the 1/8 nitro buggy or you had the chance to familiarise with the 1/8 and 1/10 electric vehicles?
Mark Pavidis: As of right now I am only driving 1/8 but with the development of AKA into the 1/10 tires I will be testing and driving a little more 1/10. Will you be part of the IFMAR 1:10 Electric Off-Road Worlds in Vassa, Finland next week?
Mark Pavidis: No I was not scheduled to go as this week I am in Mississippi attending a small regional race and meeting with out customers to answer any questions or help they need. What are your new functions at TLR?
Mark Pavidis: I am just a team driver and I will help promote the LOSI and TLR brands where I can. You and Adam Drake are both veterans and well respected racers on and off the track. How do you see your collaboration with The Drake?
Mark Pavidis: Funny you ask this question as Adam is here in Mississippi with me. I get along real well with Adam both on and off the track and even when I was running for kyosho. Adam is very knowledgeable when it comes to the LOSI car setups so I will be leaning on him as well as Mike Truhe. You like to surprise us. Few years ago, you left Pro-Line to found AKA and now you have left Kyosho to join TLR. Are there any others surprises coming soon?
Mark Pavidis: No that is enough surprises for a long while. Few years ago, you have founded with great success AKA, a company specialized in high performance R/C tires and wheels. Can we expect to see a closer collaboration between AKA and TLR?
Mark Pavidis: AKA and TLR are two completely separate companies but our objectives are the same. To make great product that the racers and customers can depend on. And since we’re talking about AKA, any new products from AKA coming out soon?
Mark Pavidis: We are constantly looking on how we can make our tires better. Right now our launch of the 1/10 tire category is where our time is at right now. Currently we have three 1/10 tires available which are called Rebars. This got the ball rolling and we intend to expand our 1/10 product line in the near future. Thanks Mark for having answered our questions, this is really appreciated and best of luck with your new challenges at TLR.
Mark Pavidis:
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