Building a full “Associated” RC8B buggy

Building a full "Associated" RC8B buggy Articles

I was thinking about the idea of building a full “under the same brand” buggy since awhile. I’ve visited many manufacturers’ web sites in the search of a manufacturer offering the most products to build a full a race buggy. My choice ended on Team Associated because they offer an excellent race buggy but also because AE offers a full line of high performance products to build a race buggy. In fact, the completed buggy is almost identical to what Ryan Maifield races and used to win many nationals titles. So here is what you need to build a full race “Associated” RC8B.

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The buggy: The latest buggy from Team Associated is the RC8B Factory Team. This is a kit so you’ll need to build it and paint the body.

Part number: 80902
Street price: 500$us

Building a full "Associated" RC8B buggy Articles

The engine: Team Associated is relatively new into the engines market but their first high performance engine is really good. The Reedy 121VR is a 3-port .21 engine.

Part number: 800
Street price: 250$us

Building a full "Associated" RC8B buggy Articles

The tuned pipe: You need to install a tuned pipe. The Team Associated polished header and tuned pipe is an excellent combo. Their finish will last long time but they add extra bottom end (torque) and few extra RPMs for higher top speed. The header and the tuned pipe are sold separately, don’t forget to order both to complete your tuned pipe.

Part number: 89177 (Tuned pipe)
Part number: 89178 (Header)
Street price: 45$us (Tuned pipe)
Street price: 17$us (Header)

Building a full "Associated" RC8B buggy Articles

Building a full "Associated" RC8B buggy Articles

The servos: You need two servos in your buggy, one to control the steering and another for the throttle and for the brake. The Associated DS1015 is a high torque and high speed digital servo. I personally use this servo in all my cars and trucks and they can take a lot of punishment and are perfect candidates for a race buggy.

Part number: 29167
Street price: 100$ each (You need two)

Building a full "Associated" RC8B buggy Articles

The tires: Unfortunately, Team Associated doesn’t include tires with the RC8B because most racers have their own preferences when it is time to talk tires. However Team Associated includes white dish wheels with the kit. You’ll need to buy four tires. The price for good race tires is around 25$us for a pair.

The radio: Of course, being a kit you’ll need to buy a radio to control your RC8B. As for the tires, most racers have their own idea about transmitters. You can find a good quality 2.4GHz radio for less than 200$us

The conclusion: Yes, the final result is an ultra fast buggy packed of Team Associated race proven products. If you are new you’ll need extra equipments to race your buggy but the RC8B equipped with all products listed here is a serious racer. Add your transmitter and tires and you are ready to hit the track. The total for all the parts listed here is 1012$us. You can add 250$ for the transmitter and the tires. Considering all you get for the money, this is a deal for a full “Associated” race buggy.

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