Team Associated SC10 Project – part one

Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles
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Team Associated SC10 Project


Since I have ran for the very first time my Team Associated SC10 short course truck, I have enjoyed every seconds spent driving it around the track, in parking lots or in my backyard. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun driving a RC vehicle. The handling and scale realism have charmed me so much that I leave the truck in my full scale car’s trunk so I can drive my SC10 where ever I can.

Right out of the box, the SC10 RTR handles well and has a good top speed for a RTR vehicle. However, I wanted to build a faster truck that still easy to drive without being stupid fast. But the most important was to keep how the body rolls when cornering and how the rear end squats when accelerating.

The motor and ESC:

The easiest way to increase acceleration and top speed was to add a “hotter” motor. My choice ended on a LRP Vector X-12 8.5T sensored brushless motor coupled to a LRP SXX Competition speed controller from Team Associated. Installing the motor and ESC to my SC10 was easy. The SXX Competition ESC has a very small foot print (30.5 x 34 x 16mm) and fits perfectly between the rear shock tower and the battery tray. This will add few grams to the rear end to increase traction. Keep in mind that you’ll have to solder three wires onto the motor tabs, don’t forget to pass them through the rear shock tower before you solder them. You’ll also need to install the black sensor wire but it doesn’t require any soldering. Simply plug it into the ESC and motor and you’re done. I secured the removable power capacitor to the rear shock tower with a zip-tie. Once installed, the dark gray motor and the bright blue ESC don’t just look nice, they produce a lot of smooth power.

Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

I’ve installed a 21T pinion and kept the stock 85T spur gear. I could have used a taller pinion with a smaller spur gear but the 21/85 gear ration was just fine for my needs. The Vector X-12 motor and the SXX Competition ESC have a major impact on my SC10 performances. They produce a very smooth and controllable power band, this is a must for any 2wd off-road vehicles. The SXX Competition ESC automatically detects LiPo and NiMh batteries and has 10 power profiles to fine tune the power band. At first, I was a little skeptic on how to setup the ESC. The flashing leds setup is a breeze to understand and to operate. It took me few seconds to switch from one profile to another. Few clicks on the “mode” button and watch the leds and it is programmed. No programming card required or laptop needed! I like it! Since the SXX Competition is a pure race ESC, there is no reverse. The brakes are programmable through ten different settings. The ESC and motor temps have always been low, even with many abusive stops and goes at full speed in a parking lot. Another cool feature is the temperature monitor. By pressing the mode button while turning on the ESC, you just have to count the number of blinks of the LED to know what was the hihgest temperature the ESC reached during your last run.

 Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles  Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

Specs and Features

LRP Vector X-12 8.5T motor (PN LRP50652)

  • Rebuildable. Machined 7075-T6 aluminum can, short/light-weight design and maximum airflow.
  • Easy-solder Design. Heavy copper, multilayer PCB for lowest resistance.
  • PreciSensor System. Revolutionary precise senor positioning for best power, throttle and efficiency. Fully adjustable and replaceable.
  • Timing. Adjustable timing in clearly defined, reproducible steps with new molded timing inserts for same result every time.
  • O-Ring. Dampening and optimized bearing size for vibration-free operation.
  • 12.5 mm Magnet. All new sintered 12.5 mm magnet size and grade, for best efficiency and midrange torque and new highstrength shaft.
  • New Packed Stack. With minimized core losses for lowest temperature and higher efficiency.
  • Voltage input: 4.8-7.4v
  • RPM: 30240
  • RPM/kv: 4200
  • Power: 307W
  • Efficiency: 93%

SXX Competition Speed Control (PN LRP80900)

  • C3 Technology. Revolutionary Copper Core Cooling technology for lowest running temperatures
  • New X.Brake. Stronger brake and 10 auto brake setting for perfect adjustments
  • New ADPC 2 software. 10 power profiles, includes all profiles used by the team
  • Extra small size. 30.5 x 34 x 16mm
  • Optimized Internal Temp Check System 2. Allows you to read out the maximum internal temperature that the speed control has reached.
  • Sensored design
  • AutoCell System: Automatic NiMh-LiPo adaptation
  • Externally removable power capacitor and 2.6mm power cable
  • Motor Limit 7.2V/7.4V: 5.5T or higher
  • Motor Limit 6.0V: 5.0T or higher
  • Voltage Input: 4.8-7.4V
  • Type: Forward/Brake

The steering servo:

With all the power added to the SC10, I wanted a stronger and faster steering servo to control my SC10. The Team Associated DS1313 high performance digital servo was the perfect match. I use this servo since few years now in different 1/10th and 1/8th nitro vehicles and I have only good words for this servo. It is fast and has more than sufficient torque to steer my SC10’s front wheels with ease. I know, from my past crashes, its metal gears will resist.

 Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

Specs and Features

Team Associated DS1313 (PN 29166)

  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 0.81 x 1.5″ (41.8 x 20.6 x 39.6mm)
  • Weight: 2.32oz (66g)
  • Torque: 173.6 oz-in (12.5 kg-cm) @6V
  • Transit Time: 0.13 sec/60°

The power:

A good motor and a good ESC deserve good power and to power my SC10, so I went with an Elite 2S 5000mAh LiPo pack rated at 35C from CheapBatteryPacks.com. The hard case battery fits perfectly into the battery case of my SC10. This was my first contact with a product from CheapBatteryPacks.com and I’m very satisfied. The battery pack worked flawlessly charge after charge. After each run, I checked the remaining voltage of each cells with my balancer; the two cells inside the pack were always at the same voltage. This shows the quality of the cells used in the pack. The pack never became hot after a run or after a full charge, I have always charged the pack at 5A (1C).

 Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

When ordering, CheapBatteryPacks.com let you choose the connector and the balancing tap. The runtime was slightly better with my Elite pack than with my others comparable 5000mAh LiPo packs. The Elite pack is also cheaper than the majority of the hard case packs on the market. No doubt, I’ll use more CheapBatteryPacks.com’s packs in the future. They give a lot for the money.

 Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

Specs and Features

  • Capacity: 5000
  • Type: LiPo
  • Length: 130mm (5.12in)
  • Width: 44mm (1.73in)
  • Height: 24mm (0.95in)
  • Weight: 270gr (9.52oz)
  • Number of cells: 2

The drivetrain:

I have swapped the stock dog bones for a set of Team Associated CVDs for the T4. I used a small piece of shrink tube to secure the pin into the CVD. This is a trick used by racers. The CVDs are direct replacement and they offer smoother reaction and less backlash. Fewer backlashes mean less chance of breaking components into the tranny and smoother transition between power and brake. To have better diff action, I have cleaned the stock grease from the bevel gears diff and filled it with 20wt shock oil.

The body:

First of all, all my excuses for this one color paint job! I have absolutely no talent or patience to paint a body. This explains why I went with a single green color. My paint job doesn’t make justice to the high quality of the www.prolineracing.comHardcore body.

With that said and I hope forgiven, the Hardcore body is a nice addition to this project. Its .040 inch thick lexan will protect the SC10 and will resist to crashes when the truck will end the four wheels pointing the sky. After all, I’m not a pro driver! As for all bodies from Pro-Line, the body came covered by a protective film. Window masks, sticker sheet are included. The Hardcore body is truly designed for short course trucks with some nice details like molded roll bar and rear shocks.

Since the body is designed for the Slash, I had to trimmed few sections to make it fit my Team Associated SC10. Painting, detailing and installation were easy.

 Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

Specs and features

Pro-Line Hardcore (PN 3283-00)

  • Made with Genuine GE .040 lexan
  • Short Course Off-Road Styling
  • Integrated details include roll bar, radiator, rear shocks, rear wing
  • Paint then peel overspray film, sticker sheet, and window masks included

The tires and wheels:

Tires are the most important part of a good setup. My SC10 will be run on any kind of surfaces from the asphalt of a parking lot to the loose dirt of my backyard, I’ve decided to give a try to the www.prolineracing.comSwitch tires. The tread pattern and the M2 compound makes the Switch an excellent all around tire. The tire carcass is more rigid than expected. I was surprised to realize that even when I lifted the rear end of the truck while the motor was at full throttle, the tires have just slightly ballooned.

Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

I’ve mounted my Switch tires on Pro-Line Split Six 2.2″/3.0″ Bead-Loc for the SC10. The inner ring is offered in three different colors. For this project, I’ve picked the red/black ones. I have chosen those wheels and tires combo for three reasons. The first reason is obviously the full-scale look of the wheels, the second reason is that I know the Switch tires will add the extra traction I need for all the surfaces I will meet with the SC10. The third reason is that I’ll never have to buy any other wheels since the tires are not glued to the wheels. It is easy to mount the tires to the wheel. The Split-Six wheels design is ingenious and durable. This makes impossible for the tire to come out of the wheel. Just in case, you have problem to mount the tires to the wheels, you can check on Pro-Line’s web site, there is a nice “how to mount tires on Bead-Loc Split Six wheels” video starring Scott Hughes. If you have no time to wait before hitting the track, Pro-Line offers the Switch tires mounted on Split Six wheels. After many runs on dirt and asphalt, the Switch tires still in perfect shape with only minor signs of wear.

Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

Specs and features

Split Six 2.2″/3.0″ BeadLoc Front Wheels for SC10
Front: PN 2716-04 (Red/Black)
Rear: PN 2717-04 (Red/Black)

  • Outer Diameter: 2.2″ (56mm)
  • Inner Diameter: 3.0″ (76mm)
  • One sided Bead-Loc captures both sides of tire evenly
  • 3-piece design for easy install and no gluing of tires.
  • Wheel made from high-strength, durable DuPont® nylon material
  • For use on front (#2716) and rear (#2717) of the Associated SC10
  • Six stainless steel button head screws included per wheel
  • 2.2” front side for realistic look and 3.0” back side for suspension clearance
  • Same track width as stock wheels
  • A deep, sating black finish on all Split Six wheels.
  • Bead-Locs available in red or satin black finish
  • Note: Pro-Line bead-loc wheels work with Pro-Line tires only due to the inner webbing bead design.

Pro-Line Switch Tires (PN 1078-01)

  • Improve the performance of your Slayer®/Slash® and SC10 instantly
  • Realistic Off-Road race design
  • Molded outer sidewall internal ribbing for additional sidewall support
  • High density/long-lasting foam inserts included
  • For use with Pro-Line Epic Bead-Loc wheels and Stock SC10 wheels only
  • Made from super-soft/IFMAR World Champion M2 compound
  • Superior carcass consistency throughout the tire

The bearings:

I have completely upgraded all the bearings and bushings (used for the steering rack) to a full set of high quality Stainless Steel, Ceramic Hybrid, Orange Sealed bearings from Boca Bearings. Yes, you read right, I have installed 18 new bearings in my like new SC10. Why? Simply because Boca Bearings are the best bearings you can find on the market. They use ABEC 7 tolerance for an extra precision, they are the best bearings Boca have to offer. The balls inside the bearing are made of ceramic and can spin 50% faster and are lighter than any traditional bearing. The “non-contact” orange seal can be removed for cleaning and oiling. The bearings are available are offered in two flavor, one for on-road and another for off-road. For this project, I have installed the off-road bearings that are filled with NB2 grease. Those bearings are a discreet upgrade and will last long time. They didn’t add any bling bling to my SC10 but, believe me, my SC10’s steering rack, transmission, rear axles and front wheels are now spinning extremely freely. This is exactly what it must be done when you want to get the full power potential of any electric or nitro vehicles.

Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

As you might guess, the installation was extremely simple. I had to completely disassemble the transmission and the steering rack to install the new bearings. It took me near 45 minutes to install all 18 bearings. The Orange bearings from Boca Bearings are the reasons why my SC10 is faster than an identical truck with the same setup. Less friction equals faster acceleration and higher top speed.

  Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

The others goodies:

For this first part on this project, I didn’t install any useless aftermarket parts to the SC10. In its stock form, the SC10 parts are strong enough to resist to any major impacts and will last long. The SC10 with its large front bumper is not prone to easy breakings. However, I’ve installed a Factory Team molded motor plate to cool down the new LRP Vector X-12 motor and a Factory Team hinge pin brace just to slightly strenghten the front end in case of a crash. Both parts are designed for the B4/T4. Almost all Factory Team parts designed for the T4 fit the SC10. By the time I wrote this project, Team Associated announced many Factory Team parts specifically for the SC10.

Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles


From a fast heart beating feeling that was my stock truck, my Team Associated SC10 is now like a full boost of adrenaline through all my veins. The LRP Vector X12 8.5T coupled to the Elite 2S LiPo battery have dramatically increased the performances. The extra low friction bearings from Boca Bearing was a discrete upgrade but necessary to have the most spin free drivetrain to eliminate any power loss. The Pro-Line Hardcore body, Split-six wheels and Switch tires were not just an esthetic bonus. They added extra protection, excellent traction and long term savings. I’m entirely satisfied by this project. My Team Associated SC10 has reached a new level of performance and durability. For the next part of this project, I’ll give a full “Factory” treatment to my SC10 with some cool options parts from Team Associated.

I’d like to thank and invite you to encourage Team Associated, www.prolineracing.com, Boca Bearings and CheapBatteryPacks.com for their support and collaboration in this project.

 Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles

Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles


Team Associated SC10 Project - part one Articles


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