Team Associated Monster GT Snow Project

Team Associated Monster GT Snow Project Articles
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The Team Associated Monster GT truck has been my favourite truck when I was racing in the MT class few years ago. The truck was pretty well on and off the tracks. Few years ago, like most monster truck racers, I switched to truggy racing and sold my MGT.


Winter is long without the sound and smell of nitro engines so I’ve bought an used MGT for a special project. I wanted  to build a truck that will be capable of running on the snow with ease without breaking the bank. When I’ve received the truck, there were few things here and to there to repair, nothing major but I always like my vehicles to be in a top shape condition.

Team Associated Monster GT Snow Project Articles


The skis:

For a snow project like this one, skis are mandatory.  FullForce RC sells a direct fit ski kit (PN: FF090) for the MGT. They are originally designed for the Traxxas T-Maxx but they also fit the Monster GT. The kit comes with all the necessary hardware for an easy and quick installation.

Team Associated Monster GT Snow Project Articles

The installation is really easy. The first step was to remove the MGT’s front driveshaft. Then install the skis to the supplied brackets. The brackets are made of T6 6061 aluminum and are nicely machined and they perfectly fit the front carriers. Secure the ski assembly by carefully screwing the wheel nuts. The skis are made by Dubro with durable plastic/nylon and they will not break or bend easily even if the outside temperature is cold. Don’t over tight the screw that attaches the skis to the bracket, this will prevent the skis from moving freely.

My first concern regarding the skis was to know how they will make my truck turn on snow. As soon as I fired up the MGT and hit the snow, I’ve been immediately surprise by how much steering my MGT has on the snow. A plastic line under the skis acts like carbides on real snowmobiles and greatly helps on turning. This is a must on snow.


The preparation:

When running a R/C truck in the snow, preparation is crucial. I didn’t spend a lot of time to prepare my Monster GT for snow. I’ve cut a 2 litre Pepsi plastic bottle in half and I have installed it on the front section of the chassis. My “homemade” guard was sufficient to protect the major electronics components of my MGT. Stock, all electronics are located in plastic boxes for protection but a little more protection was required since I was planing to run the truck in snow. The guard also protects the transmission and engine from the snow.

Team Associated Monster GT Snow Project Articles

On the MGT, the steering servo is exposed to elements. An old Hitec servo was the perfect volunteer for my project. I didn’t use extra protection to waterproof the servo at the exception of a little grease around the output shaft. I know I should have had fully waterproofed the servo but the servo was already well protected from the top with my plastic guard.

I used a little piece of tape to block the venting hole located in the windshield and on very cold days, I’ve added aluminum foil around the engine head so my engine was able to build up temperature to run fine. While talking about running engine in cold temperature, remember that the colder the air is denser you must richen the carburetor settings.


The tires:

What are the best tires for snow? Paddles! I’ve installed a new pair of www.prolineracing.com Paddle 3.2” tires (PN: 1084-00). I’ve mounted my tires on blue RPM Monster Clawz wheels (PN: 81925). Their chrome finish looks good and adds a little bling bling to my truck.

Team Associated Monster GT Snow Project Articles

In the snow, the tires were amazing. Don’t stay behind the truck when it accelerates, you’ll be covered by snow in just few seconds. The tires act like a snow blower, watch out! Forward traction is great on the snow and awesome on hard surfaces. On hard surfaces, my MGT was doing wheelies when shifting into second gear!



I had a blast driving my snow Monster GT. There is nothing like starting a nitro engine in the middle of the winter and smelling nitro. I was surprised with the overall results of my project. The skis have worked great on snow, just like I wished. They gave good turning capabilities and they greatly helped me to drive my MGT on snow. The tires were also surprising with their forward traction. The truck itself did well and nothing has broken even if the temperatures were below 0C. The snow quality has a lot to do with the truck performances. The more packed the snow is, the better the truck will perform. This was a cool project to do. I’d like to thank www.prolineracing.com and FullForce RC for their help and support in this project.




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