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Team Associated talks SC10 4x4 Articles
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Team Associated talks SC10 4×4


After having teased us during two weeks on their web site, Team Associated officially released their new SC10 4×4. We have all thought that AE was going to convert the B44.1 into a SC truck but we were wrong. Team Associated has started from scratch and to offer us a high performance short course truck packed of very interesting features.

With its impressive race winning history, Team Associated has put together a very interesting truck. I’m persuaded the new SC10 4×4 will be a great racer. At first glance, the truck has a extremely low CG and looks extremely robust with big turnbuckles, heavy duty rod ends thick a-arms and large 13mm shocks.

To know a little more about the new SC10 4×4, we have asked Team Associated few questions and as always, they have greatly accepted to answer them.

MyRCBox.com: When did Team Associated start to work on the SC10 4×4 project?
Team Associated:
Summer 2009

MyRCBox.com: Who has worked on the project?
Team Associated:
Kurt Wenger and Jason Corl as designers and Curtis Husting worked on prototyping and pre-production.

MyRCBox.com: Why not simply convert the B44.1 into a 4×4 SC truck?
Team Associated:
We knew that the B44.1 drivetrain would not survive the abuse an SC truck needs to take.  The B44.1 gears and diffs are at their limit in a 10th buggy and the SC truck was going to weigh 6 lbs.

MyRCBox.com: Why use a belt instead of a drive shaft type drive train?
Team Associated:
After considering all drivetrains, the 2 gearbox hybrid drivetrain (belt drive front, gear drive rear) gave us the best combination of traits to get the motor oriented for optimized torque effects and to get all other components centered as close as possible to centerline.   The chassis is incredibly narrow and all of the weight is centered.

MyRCBox.com: Does the belt system require specific maintenance and adjustment?
Team Associated:
The belt cover keeps out debris, so the only maintenance req’d is to check the tension.   The belt will stretch slightly from new, so you need to re-tighten it after a few runs.

MyRCBox.com: Instead of using a center differential to “balance” the power between the front and the rear wheels, the SC10 4×4 uses a decoupled slipper. Can you explain how it works and what are the benefits?
Team Associated:
The decoupled slipper gives you all of the benefits of a slipper and a diff, with none of the drawbacks.  The outer slipper hub drives the rear tires, and the inner hub drives the front tires.  They are exclusive which  means you can adjust the bias by changing the surface area on the pads.

MyRCBox.com: The front differential uses a one way “clicker”, what is this? Can you explain how it works and what are the benefits?
Team Associated:
The clicker allows the front wheels to free-wheel off power, giving you the cornering more like a 2wd, but the front tires will drive on power.   This makes the truck more agressive, so some might opt for full time 4wd… the clicker is optional and you can lock it out.

MyRCBox.com: The battery is located very low on the chassis into a compact battery box. What is the maximum size allowed for a battery pack?
Team Associated:
We designed the truck to fit the ROAR legal packs that are 25.1 mm tall.  There are plenty of 7.4 and 11.1 packs that will fit.

MyRCBox.com: Where and when the SC10 4×4 will make its official debut on a race track?
Team Associated:
I think we are planning to race some local club races at WCRC , and then off to the JConcepts race in Missouri.

MyRCBox.com: When the truck will be available to the hobby shops?
Team Associated:
We are planning to get trucks in late March, and they will be available in shops within a week after we ship to distributors.

MyRCBox.com: Is there a Factory Team setup sheet available at this time?
Team Associated:
We are still making the setup sheet, but we have a good base setup.

MyRCBox.com: Many racers have concerns about the type of wheels to be used. What type of wheels the SC10 4×4 uses?
Team Associated:
We wanted to make an optimized wheel that allowed the longest suspension arm possible, and that would also retro fit to the SC10.   After making our design, it was very close to the same offset as the Pro-Line Pro Trac 12mm hex wheel, so we talked to Tim Clark at Pro-Line and partnered to make the Pro Trac wheel the standard 12mm hex wheel offset for the SC10 4×4 and SC10.

MyRCBox.com: How big is the SC10 4×4 compared to the 2wd SC10?
Team Associated:
Same wheelbase, same width, and the same bodies will all fit.   The 4wd truck weighs in about 700 grams heavier (about 6 lb).

MyRCBox.com: Is there any particular reason to use all metric hardware and bearings on the SC10 4×4?
Team Associated:
It is 2011, and it was time to make the transition to the metric system for this project.  3mm screws are more durable than 4-40 size and they are in-between a 4-40 and 5-40.     We adjusted all of our CAD templates to be metric which is more universal for manufacturers and customers.  This truck was modeled in millimeters, not inches.

MyRCBox.com: Is there a Factory Team or a Ready-to-Run version available soon?
Team Associated:
I could tell you , but then I’d have to kill you….. just kidding.   The public can expect a release similar to what they saw with the original SC10.

Thanks for your time and good luck with your all new Team Associated SC10 4×4!

For more information, visit www.teamassociated.com


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