Team Associated RC8B buggy Project – Report #1 Articles

Team Associated RC8B buggy Project – Report #1

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Team Associated RC8B buggy Project – Report #1


As you may know, we have started a buggy project earlier this spring. The project is of a long term test of our race buggy. The project will mainly focus on the buggy itself which is a Team Associated RC8B but also on the RB K10 engine and the Savöx servos. So here is our first report. Special thanks to Yann Dubé for the photos.

The first race of the season was held on a 8-style track layout with few small jumps here and there. The track surface was “loamy” and stayed moist all day. The track was surrounded by the sea and by very high mountains. This was a very nice place for a wonderful day at the track with nice persons. The lap times were under the 20 seconds, no place to mistake.


The buggy:

For the first race, I used the stock factory setup provided with my Team Associated RC8B buggy. Since this is a basic setup, I knew I’ll had to change few settings here and there. The buggy did well, only the rear end was too soft for my likes. The stock 25wt oil and black springs were not good for me and for the roughest track sections. The overall buggy setup was correct for a first run on the track and my driving style. Of course, few changes will have lowered my lap times but the base setup was an excellent starting point.

The buggy did well on the track. The more I drove the buggy around the track, the better my lap times were. The RC8B requires a little time to get familiarized with but at the end, it pays off. I did the A (we were near 15 racers). In the final with 8 minutes to go, I was comfortably in second place when I hit a 4”x4” pole with my buggy and I broke a front steering rod end. Unfortunately, that ended my race earlier than expected, at least 8 minutes too soon.


Team Associated RC8B buggy Project – Report #1 Articles


The engine:

This was the very first race for my freshly broken in (1 gallon) RB K10 engine. The 5-port engine had more than enough power to push my buggy around the track. Compared to the others engines on the track, the RB K10 was doing really well. I wished I had a little more torque to clear the little triple jump located right after a 180 tight corner but no one was able to triple the jump, so I was not disadvantaged. During practices, I did 9 minutes on a single fuel tank with a conservative throttle control. After each qualification, the tank was more than 1/3 full so I estimated the runtime would be between 8 and 8.5 minutes. In the final, I’ve pitted at 7.5 minutes just to be safe. With a smaller carburetor venturi, my runtime would have been increased. Unfortunately, RB didn’t include any extra carburetor restrictor and I wanted to run the engine box stock with no modification.

I never checked the temp during the whole day. I only did a minor change to the high speed needle by closing it 1/8 of a turn. The engine ran perfectly and had ton of power, with crisp sound a light blue smoke coming out of the tuned pipe.


The servos:

For this project, Savöx sent me two 1268SG servos. Since I’ve installed them into my buggy, they have been running flawlessly. Under race conditions they have proven to be solid performers too. Their power consumption is on par with others brands at least, I didn’t notice any major power consumption differences between the Savöx and the servos I usually use . I’m surprised by how well they work for the price asked. They have performed flawlessly tank after tank. I never had a single issue since I use them. For the break duty, the Savöx 1268SG has more than enough power to quickly stop the buggy. Its speed was perfect for the throttle making the buggy easier to drive. For the steering, I only have good words to say about the Savöx servo. Its torque and speed are exactly how I like them. More than 3 gallons later, the Savöx 1268SG are still satisfying me at 100%!


Team Associated RC8B buggy Project – Report #1 Articles



I will conclude this first report by saying that I’m really satisfied by how my Team Associated RC8B handles the track and how well the RB K10 and the Savöx servos perform. The complete package works better than I expected. For the second report, the RC8B Worlds suspension upgrade kit will be installed on the buggy. I can’t wait to see what will be the differences.


Stay tuned to for the second report coming soon!




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2 thoughts on “Team Associated RC8B buggy Project – Report #1

  1. Just to bring a little correction about your article. Some buggy was able to clear off the triple jump during these race. Raymond’s Kyosho MP9 TKI powered by Sirio KANAÏ, Martin Plourde with is TQ Racing SX8 Evo powered by Dynamite Platinum EURO Ed. have cleared up with 1 or 2 feet after the last bump. But is true to say that was so tricky to be able to clear all the 3 bump. Maybe the K10 was not finished to be well breakin-in or a little leaner setup would get you enough power to clear it too.

    Nice report. Congrats!

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