Exclusive Interview with Adam Drake

Exclusive Interview with Adam Drake Articles
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Adam Drake is certainly one of the most popular R/C racers. In fact, everybody know Adam Drake. His name is highly associated to TLR. Few weeks ago, Adam and TLR have surprised the whole R/C world when they have announced that they were parting after 20 years of successful collaboration.

Since then, all kinds of rumors have circulated around the web about the reasons why Adam has left TLR and what will be his next chassis manufacturer.

Personally, I don’t want to know the reasons why Adam has left TLR, I rather want to know what is coming next for Adam. I prefer letting rumors for others.


MyRCBox: Adam, first welcome to MyRCBox.com, it is a real pleasure to have you with us.
Adam Drake: Thank you.


MyRCBox: First question, how are you?
Adam Drake: Ronda and I are doing great.


MyRCBox: How did you feel the days after the announcement?
Adam Drake: It’s been a crazy couple of weeks to say the least.


MyRCBox: What are your plans for the next weeks or months?
Adam Drake: I’m headed to The Dirt Nitro as well as studying my options and laying out my future plans.


MyRCBox: Have you been approached by some manufacturers?
Adam Drake: Yes, I’ve been approached by a number of manufacturers.


MyRCBox: Can we expect a major announcement soon?
Adam Drake: I haven’t set a time frame for an announcement, but I hope to be able to let everyone know what my plans are very soon.


MyRCBox: Is this possible for you to race as a “privateer”?
Adam Drake: Anything is possible at the moment, but I have a tremendous amount of support from my current sponsors.


MyRCBox: Is team manager something you’d like to be?
Adam Drake: I really enjoy working with team drivers as well as product development and marketing.


MyRCBox: Last week, you were at “Toy Fair 2015” for Novarossi. What was the main goal of this trip?
Adam Drake: I went to the show to support Novarossi and to take in the show and visit with a number of people.


MyRCBox: How important is it for you that your next chassis sponsor covers your 1/8 and 1/10 scale racing needs?
Adam Drake: My main focus has been and will continue to be Nitro off-road.


MyRCBox: Sometimes we need changes in our life. Is it where you are in your life? Have you ever thought about leaving the race track and focus on something else?
Adam Drake: I have a ton of passion for this hobby and plan to continue racing and working in it.


MyRCBox: Did you ever think that your departure from TLR would have been such a big news? I mean, you have been the “talk of the web” for many weeks and it’s still going on.
Adam Drake: It’s definitely been crazy and I didn’t expect it to be such big news.


MyRCBox: You were involved in the TLR 1/8 buggy development. Is products development something you’d like to do more actively?
Adam Drake: Yes, I plan to continue to work in product development.


MyRCBox: On your Facebook page, you posted few photos of your early days at TLR and Ofna. Are you feeling?
Adam Drake: It’s fun to look back at some old photos and see how the times have changed. I’ve have a ton of amazing memories, and I’m really excited for the future.


MyRCBox: This is time to plug your sponsors, so who are your sponsors?
Adam Drake: Novarossi, Pro-Line, Tekin, Hitec, Lunsford, Upgrade RC, Competition Heat, Pro-Motion T-Shirts.


MyRCBox: Do you have something you’d like to say to your fans and R/C friends?
Adam Drake: Thank you to everyone for the tremendous amount of support! See you at the races soon.


Adam, I wish you the best of luck in your futures projects.



Sylvain Lafrance

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