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Karina Hermosillo Interview

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Karina Hermosillo Interview


For a reason that I can’t really explain, Karina is among my Facebook friends. In the last few months, pictures of a young woman working on a 1/8th scale buggy have caught my attention. Paying a little more attention to her, I quickly noticed that she not only works on R/C cars but she also wins many races. I asked her if she would like to be interviewed and she kindly accepted.


First of all Karina, welcome to MyRCBox.com

MyRCBox: What’s your hometown?
Karina Hermosillo: La Paz, Baja California Sur, México.


MyRCBox: What’s your home track?
Karina Hermosillo: My home track is 10 minutes from my house.


MyRCBox: How old are you?
Karina Hermosillo: 19 years old.


MyRCBox: Are you still going to school?
Karina Hermosillo: Yes, I’m studying Design Graphic at the University.


MyRCBox: How did you start into R/C racing?
Karina Hermosillo: My dad started first and I went to the track with him, and I helped him on anything that I can, and little by little this hobby began to like it more and more until I started running.


MyRCBox: What was your first R/C car?
Karina Hermosillo: Jammin X1


MyRCBox: What classes do you race? What is your favorite class?
Karina Hermosillo: I raced on Buggy and Truggy, but my favorite definitely is Buggy.


MyRCBox: Why do you prefer buggy?
Karina Hermosillo: Because are lighter and more precise handling


MyRCBox: How many hours do you practice/race per week?
Karina Hermosillo: I practice 5 hours per week.


MyRCBox: Besides R/C, what are your other interests?
Karina Hermosillo: Finish my university studies.


MyRCBox: Do you have any R/C objectives for the upcoming years?
Karina Hermosillo: Continue to grow.


MyRCBox: Is R/C racing something you do for fun or you would like to live from R/C racing?
Karina Hermosillo: Just for fun.


MyRCBox: What did R/C teach you?
Karina Hermosillo: The R/C teaches me to control my patience and my reflexes.


MyRCBox: Who has the most influenced you?
Karina Hermosillo: My Dad.


MyRCBox: What win are you the more proud of?
Karina Hermosillo: The first time I won 1st place on Buggy PRO to level state.


MyRCBox: What race was this?
Karina Hermosillo: March 17 2013, was a race very difficult


MyRCBox: Who are your sponsors?
Karina Hermosillo: Mugen Seiki.


MyRCBox: You have a chassis sponsor, what if a tire/body, radio or an engine sponsor contacts you?
Karina Hermosillo: yes, but I have not materialized anything


MyRCBox: What would you say to any girls who would like to get into R/C racing?
Karina Hermosillo: That anything is possible if there is perseverance and dedication!


MyRCBox: How do you prepare yourself before a race? Any superstitions?
Karina Hermosillo: Superstition no, my dad and I do together mechanical.


MyRCBox: What guys say when you beat them?
Karina Hermosillo: The guys say “Congratulations Karina!!”


MyRCBox: There are only few girls into R/C racing, do you think this helps you when it is time to find sponsors or support from major R/C companies?
Karina Hermosillo: Yes


MyRCBox: Did you ever feel any sexism coming from others racers?
Karina Hermosillo: No, all are my friends.


MyRCBox: The question that every guys reading this interview would like to know…. Do you have a boyfriend?
Karina Hermosillo: No


MyRCBox: Thank you Karina for this interview, I really hope to hear from you soon and I wish you the best of luck.
Karina Hermosillo: THANK YOU!!



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