Keven Hébert Interview 2009 Articles

Keven Hébert Interview 2009

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Keven Hébert Interview 2009


I had the chance to met Keven Hébert few times in my life, I have let Keven raced my RC18T on a carpet race track. This was cool to see my truck going that fast and well all around the track. I also had the chance to meet Keven’s dad. If Keven is a little bit shy, his dad is all the opposite. He has so many anecdotes to tell about Keven’s races; it was a real pleasure to talk with him. There is no doubt that Kevin’s recent success is the result of his hard work and professionalism.

Keven Hébert Interview 2009 Articles


Here is the interview has realized with Keven. First of all, congratulations for your TQ and win at the 5th annual International Indoor Championship (IIC) held in Las Vegas. How was the race?
Keven Hébert: Thank you. As Usual the race was awesome. Everything put on by Scotty and his crew is awesome and it was my 5th time in Vegas and every year is getting better. This was my first year being 21 also that helped too :). But the race was very well organised it was nice to see all the people at the race to get the Indoor season started. Definitely a race to attend for those who are thinking about it.

httpv:// From what I’ve heard and read about this race, you were on a mission. Was there something you wanted to proof to the rest of the world?
Keven Hébert: I would say it was a very good week end for me. One thing I did was prepare well before the race and in most case that pays off. I did not expect to tq every round of qualifying and winning the main before the race but I knew I had worked hard before and felt like my equipment was good enought to be near the top. I had been practicing a little bit with rubber tires at the end of last year but since I did not have a lot of experience I was verry happy to see that the hard work I had done meant something. if you beleive in what you can do and work hard for it it will come to you.

 Keven Hébert Interview 2009 Articles Your career has really taken off since you are with Team Associated, how is it to be sponsored by one of the biggest R/C manufacturer?
Keven Hébert: Yes, since I got on the team, I just had a lot of motivation. I feel like we are a very good team and all work toggether. I have very good support and they are taking very good care of me. I am honored to be running for Associated and Reedy and I think it shows in the latest result. When looking at the web or at major magazines. Do you feel all the spot lights are turned on the off-road scene?
Keven Hébert: That is a good question. I really don’t have a clear answer for that one but I think off-road now is like on-road use to be. Off road is obviously more popular right now but I could see on road coming. Rc has a lot of up and down and I think it could change very quickly. Only time will tell Have you never been tempted to race off-road?
Keven Hébert: Yes. I started in off-road many years ago and liked it. I still race it sometimes both electric and nitro but it is hard to concentrate on all the classes. But I would like to start racing more off road too and see how I could do. You race in different categories, what’s your favorite one? Why?
Keven Hébert: Yes I race Electric Touring car, 1/12, 1/10 2wd off road and some 1/8 Buggy. I honestly like Touring car with foam tires the best. I think the main reason is because this is what I did most and that is the class that helped me to be where I am now. Now that I am racing a little bit more touring car with rubber tires I am sterting to get more experience with it and since it seems like it is the way to go now I am going to focus on that. But as a racer I like all the classes, I just like racing.

MyRCBox.comL Do you believe one day, you’ll live from racing?
Keven Hébert: That is a though question. I don’t think it is impossible but then again I think only time will tell.  What are the major differences between the TC5R and TC5F?
Keven Hébert: The main difference between the 2 kit are the Chassis on the R is 2mm ITF which is a different graphite than the one used on the F kit being the 2.5mm and stiffer graphite. Also the R kit offers a 2mm ITF top plate to give the car more flex to help give traction with Rubber tires. The other difference is all the plastic components on the R kit are soft versus the Hard parts on the F kit. That is about it oh and the kit setup 🙂 What is your base setup?
Keven Hébert: With Rubber tires on carpet, the setup I used at the IIC would be my starting point. here is the link :  For Foam tires, My 2008 IIC setup would also be a very good starting point : Any tips or tricks for those who are racing with a TC5R or TC5F?
Keven Hébert: Other than getting the White T-Nut for the Diff (same as B4) to help building the diff, the car comes pretty much race ready. No need for expensive hopup. One thing we do run the Stiff parts (arms, castor block, rear hub) even when we run rubber tires on asphalt.

 Keven Hébert Interview 2009 Articles

At Las Vegas, Keven used the following items:

Chassis: Team Associated TC5R
Servo: KO PROPO 2345ICS
Radio: KO propo Helios,
Battery: Reedy Lipo 5000
Body: Protoform Speed 6 I’ve noticed your presence on different forums offering help and support for the TC5R/F. Your help was greatly appreciated by forum members. Is this something you feel you have to do or this is natural for you to help others?
Keven Hébert: I would say it is natural. I like doing it and like to see people enjoy their cars. I remember when I started racing I would ask very newby questions and I would always be happy when I had a great answer for it and every one needs to start somewhere and the best way to learn is ask as many question as you can. Since I have some experience in the on road and off road scene I am glad to be able to help and I also feel this is good for my sponsors and this is the least I can do for the support I get. Every pro driver used to be rookie at one point and I think it is important to help the newcomers and everyone who needs help because they are the one we need to help grow the sport. What are the next races in your agenda?
Keven Hébert: That would be the Halloween Classic on October 30-31 nov 1 in Cleveland. Then Us Indoor champs in Cleveland Ohio. at the End of November The traditional question…Who are your sponsors?
Keven Hébert: TeamAssociated, Reedy, Lrp, KoPropo, Parma, Protoform, QTM, Fastcats, The Bawdyshop,

Keven, continue your excellent work. Hope to see you soon.


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