Team Associated talks 12mm Big Bore Shocks! UPDATED! Articles

Team Associated talks 12mm Big Bore Shocks! UPDATED!

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Team Associated has announced the release of their long awaited 12mm big bore shocks. In the last months, we have seen numerous pictures of Maifield’s and Cavalieri’s buggies and trucks with prototypes 12mm shocks. A lot of rumors and speculations surrounded the big bore shocks but now they are available for us common mortals.

I have asked to Team Associated those few questions and they were kind (as always) enough to answer them.



MyRCBox: When did you start working on the 12mm big bore shocks?
Team Associated: December 2011


MyRCBox: On what vehicles do the new 12mm BB shocks fit?
Team Associated: B4.1, B44.1, T4.1, SC10, & SC10GT


MyRCBox: The kit comes with three spring cup heights, what are the benefits of different heights cups?
Team Associated:The biggest benefit is that now all front springs are the same length for all platforms, and rears are still the same for all platforms. This will hopefully mean that the consumer won’t have to buy as many springs for all their platforms.

Additionally, the Different spring cups allow you to adjust your ride height independent of spring pre-load. For example if you had to significantly lower your ride height for a carpet track, you can now do that with our +9mm offset spring cup without having the spring be completely free floating at full droop.


MyRCBox: Can you explain the shock shaft hat bushing guide? Is this something new?
Team Associated: This concept has been used in our on-road cars for some time but has even greater benefits for our off-road vehicles since they have a much longer shock stroke. The hat bushings sit into the seal gland bore and ensure concentricity of the shock shaft throughout its stroke. This is important to having a smooth shock because when there is any side loading on the shock shaft the bushings (instead of O-rings that flex) now prevent the shaft from tilting and the piston from dragging inside the shock body. The result is a very smooth and consistent shock throughout its entire stroke.


MyRCBox: The new springs have more coils and are black oxided. What are the advantages?
Team Associated:Springs with more coils achieve better spring rate tolerances than a spring with fewer coils.   If the spring wire length is longer, the same length tolerance is a smaller percentage compared to the total wire length and that means our springs rates will be more consistent. Coincidently, through our extensive testing we have found that if you had three springs that were all the same spring rate but had different number of coils, the spring with the more coils always resulted in the best feel and lap times.

The black oxide coating protects the springs from rusting and improves spring rate tolerances, just one of the many advancements necessary to achieve better tolerances so that we can offer such fine spring rate increments.


MyRCBox: There are more springs rates than never before, 10 for front shocks and 6 for the rear shocks. What are the “team” basic shocks setups for your different vehicles?
Team Associated: Each pair of big bores will come with a supplement that includes base team setups for every vehicle.
You can also find this supplement on our website:


MyRCBox: Are the shock shafts the same as the V2 shocks?
Team Associated: No, the new 12mm Big Bore shock shafts are different than the V2 shock shafts. The new Big Bore shock shafts are 3mm in diameter were the V2’s shock shafts are 1/8” or (3.175mm). The slightly smaller diameter shock shaft has proved to be a handling advantage and since the new shaft also has a 3mm thread now instead of 4-40 they are even stronger than before.


MyRCBox: For those who are hesitating to switch to big bore shocks, what are the advantages of larger shocks?
Team Associated: The new big bore shocks provide a much smoother and plush feel that is more forgiving and make it easier for you as a driver to run your buggy or truck harder and faster with a more overall consistent feel. The new 12mm big bore shocks excel even more on rough surfaces with the increased oil volume it helps to prevent bottoming out on a flat landing.


MyRCBox: Some shock tower grinding is required for the new big bore shocks, can we expect new shock towers soon?
Team Associated: Modifying the shock towers is NOT required as each shock kit will come with hardware and spacers for proper fitment. Additionally a supplement is included instructing how to do so for your vehicle. Grinding the towers is a Factory Team tip for those that would like to put in a little extra effort.


MyRCBox: You initially released the shocks as an option part. Can we hope a .2 version of your 1/10th vehicles that will include the big bore shocks?
Team Associated: Cleaver question but, I cannot tell you what the future products will contain. For now, the B44.2 will be the only car that will come with the 12mm shocks out of the box.


MyRCBox: Your press release didn’t mention the GT2, do the 12mm shocks for the T4 are direct fit for the GT2?
Team Associated: The shocks from the SC10GT would work on the GT2.


Thank you Team Associated for your time!



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