Interview with Mike Truhe - August 2008 Articles
Mike Truhe won the Nats 2008 and the Manufacturers' cup with his GRP powered Losi 8ight. Now, he is ready for the 2008 Worlds.

Interview with Mike Truhe – August 2008

Interview with Mike Truhe - August 2008 Articles
Mike Truhe won the Nats 2008 and the Manufacturers’ cup with his GRP powered Losi 8ight. Now, he is ready for the 2008 Worlds. How did you start in RC racing and what was your first RC car?
Mike Truhe: My first RC car came from a guy i worked with at the local hobby shop. I worled there for airplanes and helicopters and turned that into a love for the cars. For those who don’t know you, what’s your RC history and background?
Mike Truhe: I have raced and flown just about everything RC. I started when I was young flying with my dad and than started working at the hobby shop. How many hours do you practice/race per week?
Mike Truhe: With the amount of big races we go to its hard to just get out and practice. In my down time though i try and get to the track at least two days a week. Mike, you just won the 2008 ROAR Nats and now the manufacturers’ cup, first of all, congrats. What’s the secret of your recent wins?
Mike Truhe: Thank you. I think the biggest help is all my sponsors and teammates. All these wins are truely team efforts that most people dont even see. its the thursdays spent at the track with Adam and all the other people that are there helping us out that I think really makes the difference. There are so many of us who are talented enough to drive but having the confidence and the right equipment is what helps me out the most. At the manufacturers’ cup, how it was to race with 7000 spectators watching you?
Mike Truhe: It was awesome. honestly as soo as the tone goes off all that is the least of my worries. In the end though I realized how cool that was with all the kids and even adults looking out from the stands in awe. I wish every race could be in front of an outside crowd like that. Makes it that much more special as well. With such spectators and with the increasing amount of exposure RC racing is getting recently, do you still see RC as a hobby or more like an industry?
Mike Truhe: I really hope so. I dont see why it could’nt. Its just gonna take some hard work from the industry and the skies the limit in my mind. In my last interview, Adam Drake asked me to ask you how it was to cross the line at the 2008 ROAR Nats, but with your recent success, I should modify the question and ask you, how it is to cross first the line at the 2008 ROAR and at the manufacturers cup?
Mike Truhe: Both of those races were special in there own right. The 2008 Nationals was very special to me. to be able to take over the title from my teammate and keep it at Team Losi for another year means alot to me. It has always been a goal of mine as well in these last few years to have that title. As for the Manufacturers Cup. that was special to be able to do it at that venue in front of a completely full grand stands was unbelievable. Do you feel pressure for the Worlds ?
Mike Truhe: I feel a lil pressure at every race that I go to. I put it on myself. I am just taking that race like any other and am gonna be prepared as much as possible and do my best. The outcome from there is all up to me. I know that my GRP/Nitrotane powered 8ight is more than capable of doing amazing things so we will just have to wait and see. Before a race, how do you prepare yourself? Do you have any special superstition?
Mike Truhe: Before a attend a race i try and make sure my engine program is dialed in and my car is as ready as it can be. Before each individual heat i do have some ritual type routines that I do just for myself and have a very special person to me looking down on me helping me out 🙂 What has RC racing taught you over the years?
Mike Truhe: Patience! Nothing in racing comes easy and it takes alot of patience and dedication. as long as you never give up. Who has most influenced you in your career and why?
Mike Truhe: In the early years Brian Kinwald was my mentor. He taught me soooo much and helped me get to where I am now. there has been many others that i owe alot of gratitude to. Gil Losi Jr is another big one in my mind. In the recent years Adam Drake and I have been working alot together and I believe without any of these guys that things maybe a lil different than they have been. Thank you to all them and everyone else that has helped me along my path. You must contact pro RC racers for a dream team, who do you call first?
Mike Truhe: Kinwald Is there something you would like to change in RC?
Mike Truhe: Get races televised so that the whole world can see what we do. Any words for those who want to start racing?
Mike Truhe: Have fun with it. Even though it has now become more of a job for me i try to never forget the original reason i started doing this, For the FUN that it brings. It’s now time to “plug” your sponsors, who are they? Is getting sponsored have been difficult for you?
Mike Truhe: Team Losi Racing, GRP engines, Nitrotane, Airtronics, Novak, spektrum, Lunsford, Upgrade RC, RCID, Ultimate Racing, JBL Audio, Pro-motion T shirt, You are one of the best racer at Losi, besides racing, what is your day to day job at Losi?
Mike Truhe: I dont actually work in house for Losi, I do go out alot and help with the research and development of the race cars. Do you still have time for club level racing or you are focusing on majors races?
Mike Truhe: I do many local series races in southern california like the JBRL. I do get out to club race as much as possible when time permits. There are many rumors concerning a Losi factory brushless buggy, any hints for our readers?
Mike Truhe: I am honestly not involved at all with these departments so i have no clue. Do you believe brusshless/Lipo buggies will be the end of nitro powered buggies in few years?
Mike Truhe: I don’t think so. I think people love the sounds and noise and it also brings the added element to the race. Who would like to me interview next? A special question for him/her?
Mike Truhe: I don’t have anyone in mind. Maybe Maifield and get his opinion on the manufacturers cup as he won truggy. Thanks for your precious time Mike; it’s been a real pleasure to know more about you. And good luck for the Worlds.
Mike Truhe: Thanks alot for the interview.

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