Kurt Wenger talks Team Associated RC8.2

Kurt Wenger talks Team Associated RC8.2 Articles
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Kurt Wenger talks Team Associated RC8.2


After two years of development, test and sometime speculation, Team Associated has finally announced the release of their latest buggy, the RC8.2. Factory drivers have already received their highly anticipated Team Associated RC8.2 buggies. The public will have to wait until Mid September before buying Associated’s newest kit.  No doubt that the 1/8 scale buggy segment is the most competitive segment of the industry. Not only on the tracks but also in every manufacturers’ offices where team drivers and R&D work closely to develop the best buggy they can. Is the new Team Associated’s RC8.2 will the best buggy on the market?  This is hard to say at this moment but Ryan Cavalieri won the ROAR Nats and Ryan Maifield won the Silver State with a RC8.2 that is really close to the production kit.

Since I can’t no more wait to receive my RC8.2, I’ve asked Team Associated those few questions:


MyRCBox.com: Who has been involved in the development of the RC8.2?
Kurt Wenger: Ryan Cavalieri, Ryan Maifield, Richard Saxton, Curtis Husting, Brent Thielke, and myself (Kurt Wenger)

MyRCBox.com: When did you start working on the project?
Kurt Wenger: We started working on the project in preparation for the 2010 8th scale Worlds in Thailand.  Although we originally intended to make only some option parts, when we dug deeper we needed to make more changes.


MyRCBox.com: Cavalieri and Maifield have been testing parts for the last two years now. What have been the biggest challenges in the design of the new RC8.2?
Kurt Wenger: Most of the guys raced the RC8B kit thru the 2010 ROAR Nationals in CO.   The first time we raced with custom parts was at the ROAR 8th Electric Off-Road Nats which Ryan Maifield TQ’d and won with the prototype arms and towers.   After that race, we totally focused on running the new suspension on the Nitro Buggy.


MyRCBox.com: During those two years of testing, did you feel the pressure to release as quickly as possible an updated buggy?
Kurt Wenger: We didn’t want to release anything until we felt it was right.   We had a pretty good buggy that we won quite a few races with, and we felt that if we were going to refine it, it had to be really good since it technically wasn’t a “new” car by some standards.


MyRCBox.com: In what the new RC8.2 is a better buggy than the RC8B?
Kurt Wenger: It is much easier to drive fast, especially when the track gets bumpy.


MyRCBox.com: What’s new on the RC8.2?
Kurt Wenger: The list is almost too long to name them all.  The main new parts are the chassis, wing mount, shock towers, arms, and rollbars.    Many of the other parts in the kit were previously only option parts…now you get tons of lightweight parts in the box.

MyRCBox.com: There are a lot of changes and new parts on the RC8.2. Does the RC8.2 share many parts with the RC8B?
Kurt Wenger: The core of the car is the same.  That is, the gearboxes, radio tray, center diff, chassis braces, engine/clutch, tank, suspension mounts (except for B-plate)


MyRCBox.com: Will the current electric conversion kit (ASC80930 ) fit the new RC8.2?
Kurt Wenger: Yes, of course.


MyRCBox.com: Will all those changes and improvements will also be benefit for the electric version?
Kurt Wenger: Yes, we are using all of those updates on the electric buggies…. and of course we won the 2010 ROAR Nats with the first prototype parts.


MyRCBox.com: I know, you’ll have to kill me if you tell me but…. Can we expect the same treatment for the RC8T and RC8e?
Kurt Wenger: Well, I can’t say anything officially.  But, you can do the math on the electric buggy since the e-conversion will fit.   For the truggy however, it might be long wait.  Truggy doesn’t seem to have the same amount of popularity that it did in it’s heyday.


MyRCBox.com: And since I suspect the answer to be “yes”, when?
Kurt Wenger: You’ll have to stay tuned to http://www.rc10.com/


MyRCBox.com: Does the RC8.2 need completely different setups than the ones we use with the RC8B?
Kurt Wenger: Normally we can run the suspension much softer, so you’ll be running thinner shock oil with the new suspension and the car will feel soft on the bench, but still work well on the track.


Thanks to Kurt Wenger for having answer all our questions!

For more information, visit http://www.teamassociated.com/


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