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Losi 8ight 2.0 interview with Adam Drake

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Losi 8ight 2.0 interview with Adam Drake


MyRCBox.com: When Losi did start to work on the 8ight 2.0?
Adam Drake: Losi started testing and working on the 8ight 2.0 in January of 2008.

MyRCBox.com: According to Losi’s website, the new 8ight 2.0 has more than 30 new features or improvements. What are the most major improvements?
Adam Drake: The major improvements on the 8ight 2.0 are: Chassis: The new chassis with Tuned Flex Technology, 2mm longer, droop stop screws, laser etched chassis for easy engine alignment. New 7075 shock towers that are 25% lighter. Revised Radio Try design. New rear gear box that allows you to shim the rear ring and pinion. New Sure-Close Fuel tank with EFRA fitting. Heavy Duty Dogbones and Outdrives. New rear outer hinge pins.

MyRCBox.com: Are those improvements are the result of the inputs from the top racers or also from any level racers?
Adam Drake: The Improvements are the results of input from our customers and Losi team drivers.

MyRCBox.com: Am I wrong if I say that Losi have focused more to increase durability rather than race performances?
Adam Drake: Losi focused on improving performance, but also making the 8ight 2.0 easier to drive and more durable.

MyRCBox.com: Does the 8ight-T will receive the same treatment?
Adam Drake: No plans for an update 8ight T at this time.

MyRCBox.com: Will we see a new 8ight RTR 2.0 released soon?
Adam Drake: No plans for a new 8ight RTR 2.0 at this time.

MyRCBox.com: Mike Truhe took the TQ and finished second at the Worlds last week. Does the 8ight 2.0 is where you wanted it to be? Is this mission accomplished?
Adam Drake: The 8ight 2.0 performed awesome at the Worlds. Not only did Mike TQ and finished second, but there were 8 Losi 8ight 2.0’s in the top 24. Our goal was to win the World Championship, but as a team we ran well considering this was Losi’s first attempt at a 1.8th Off-road World Championships.

MyRCBox.com: On a race track, what are the differences between the new 8ight 2.0 and the previous version?
Adam Drake: The 8ight 2.0 is lighter, has more corner speed, but a lot more stable and easier to drive.

MyRCBox.com: What was your implication in the development of the new 8ight 2.0?
Adam Drake: Dan Hissam was the engineer for the 8ight 2.0, Todd Hodge was the project manager and I was in charge of all the testing for the 8ight 2.0.

MyRCBox.com: Why 8ight’s owners should go with the new 2.0 version?
Adam Drake: The 8ight changed the 1/8th off-road racing with so many innovations and thinking outside the box. Well now the 8ight 2.0 is here and Losi has gone one step farther by listening to customers and team drivers to make the 8ight 2.0 faster, more durable, and easier to drive.

For a complete tour of the new Losi 8ight V2 buggy, please visit Losi’s website at this address http://www.losi.com/Content/Tours/8ight20/tour.html

Thanks for your time Adam, as always, this is greatly appreciated.

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