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Pro-Line Velocity 2 1/8 buggy wheels

At the last Manufacturers’ cup, many racers raced their buggies with Pro-Line’s new Velocity 2 wheels. It didn’t really catch my attention until I visited Pro-Line’s website. The new wheel is a bit taller and a bit larger. The first thing that came to my mind was that Pro-Line was the first to change what represents a standard for the industry for many years.

The best person to answer my questions is definitively Scott Hughes, Marketing manager at Pro-Line racing and talented pro driver for Mugen. First of all Scott, before we start the interview, let me say that you were the first racer I interviewed (Read interview) and now you and Pro-Line are the first to be interviewed for my new Manufacturers’ corner section. In the name of all my visitors, thank you for contributing to my website and to be such present for the RC community. What pushed Pro-Line to innovate with the new Velocity 2 wheels? Was there a demand from pro racers?
Scott Hughes: Yes, there was a demand from pro racers. There was another wheel on the market that was virtually the same size as the V2 wheels. It inspired us to go that direction after feedback from our racers and extensive testing ourselves. We want to continue to be the leader in all segments of aftermarket RC so the decision was to produce and release this wheel in keeping up with the trends of 1:8 racing. What’s the difference between the normal and the V2 Velocity wheels?
Scott Hughes: The difference between the standard Velocity wheel and the V2 wheel is overall diameter and width of the wheel. Standard wheel = 40.2mm w x 79.8mm tall. V2 wheel = 42.04mm w x 82.96mm tall. What the V2 wheel did is reduce the sidewall flex of the tire and give it a flatter profile on the wheel. You would think that this would create less traction and less stability but it did the exact opposite. The V2 produces more traction and better stability. Does the same durable nylon is used for the new wheels?
Scott Hughes: Yes, same nylon for both. Lightweight yet super durable to hold up in 100 degree tempertures to freezing temperatures. Are they legal for all sanctioned races?
Scott Hughes: Yes, the V2 wheels are legal in all sanctioning bodies. This is something that we stress we introducing new products to the market. Does any level of racers will notice better performances or the new wheels are more designed for top level racers?
Scott Hughes: The difference in performance is significant. Sportsmen to pros alike have noticed big changes. Personally, the first time I tested I went .2 seconds faster per lap at Thunder Alley with the V2 wheels over the standard wheels. It was really impressive and caught me off guard, quite honestly. Not were they faster but my car was easier to drive. A combination any racer would appreciate. The Velocity V2 wheels are just released but pro racers have the opportunity to race them for few races now, what are their words concerning the V2 wheels?
Scott Hughes: We’ve learned more about the wheels and when they are advantages. On high bite tracks, the new wheels, depending on your set-up and driving style, may give you too much traction. This is when we recommend going back to the standard size wheels. For the most part, though, we don’t run on tracks that have too much traction. And, it’s fairly easy to reduce traciton with your set-up. I have to say that the new wheels are here to stay and not just a fad. In fact, we’ve already released the new wheels in premounted fashion. Are Pro-Line’s buggy tires direct fit on the V2 wheels?
Scott Hughes: Yes, this is what’s so great about the wheels. You use standard tires and simply stretch them over the V2 wheels. No trimming, cutting, or modifications of any kind are needed. Do you believe the new V2 wheels will become the new standard for buggies?
Scott Hughes: The V2’s pretty much have become the standard. I’m sure this is secret but now that the wheels are larger and taller, any offset wheels in a near future?
Scott Hughes: Good question and something we really haven’t thought of. But, with the track width rules of 1:8 buggies there’s no room to make them wider, or have less negative offset. And, because we are already at the very outer edge of the wheel, I don’t think there’s room to go the other direction. Since we are talking about secrets. Any specifically designed tires for the V2 wheels soon?
Scott Hughes: There’s no specifically designed tires for the V2 wheels in drawings as of yet but look for 3 new 1:8 buggy tires at the Worlds in the next 3 weeks. Thanks Scott for all those information, will talk to you soon!
Scott Hughes: Thank you Sylvain for the opportunity to talk about our products. Always a pleasure and looking forward to the next time.


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