Kurt “Coach” Wenger talks Team Associated RC8T

Kurt "Coach" Wenger talks Team Associated RC8T Articles
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Kurt “Coach” Wenger talks Team Associated RC8T


Kurt "Coach" Wenger talks Team Associated RC8T Articles
Kurt “Coach” Wenger is one of the men behind the new RC8T

MyRCBox.com: What part of the RC8T are you the most proud of?
Kurt “Coach” Wenger: I think we are most proud of the handling. We put a lot of effort into our track testing and the truck as a result works really well.

MyRCBox.com: Somewhere, all truggies are based on their buggies counterpart, what are the major differences between the RC8 and the RC8T?
Kurt “Coach” Wenger: We took some of the lessons learned on the RC8 and put them to use on the 8T. The Factory Team 8T comes with the aluminum top plate and the aluminum steering rack. The chassis has new bracing for the arm mounts and a deeper pocket for the clutchbell clearance. We updated and strengthened the steering blocks and the steering rod ends.

MyRCBox.com: Were there any specific challenges to design the RC8T?
Kurt “Coach” Wenger: We made the decision after the 1st prototype that we had to follow the industry trend and make 16mm shocks. The truggy class was constantly changing as we were doing the development.

MyRCBox.com: Team Associated’s top drivers raced with truggies from others brands. Did you use drivers’ inputs and comments to better fine tuned the RC8T?
Kurt “Coach” Wenger: Yes, we got some good information from Ryan Maifield, Ryan Cavalieri, and Richard Saxton who raced the Kyosho and Mugen trucks. It was good to have a race-dialed truck to compare the RC8T against.

MyRCBox.com: The ads say that the RC8T will come unassembled, with pre-built shocks, diffs and turnbuckles. Does it mean you forget the idea of a fully assembled race vehicle?
Kurt “Coach” Wenger: We took some of the feedback from the buggy and decided that the FT version truggy would come with the major parts pre-assembled, but not the whole truck. Even though the RC8 buggy was built better than about 90% of people can build their own car. Racers still like the idea of building a kit.

MyRCBox.com: New big bore shocks are included with the RC8T, were BB shocks designed specifically for the truggy first or this is something AE wanted to do anyway?
Kurt “Coach” Wenger: We knew it was time. Originally we tested with the small shocks, but we made the decision to make 16mm shocks after we saw the trend in the industry.

MyRCBox.com: The RC8T is light and uses a low final ratio. Does the truck have been designed to be raced more with a .21 engine or with a .28 engine?
Kurt “Coach” Wenger: The truck was tested all with a .21 engine. All of our race team use the .21 which we believe is the best option. We will have optional gearing for the .28 because there are some great .28 engines on the market that are very popular.

MyRCBox.com: There were rumors last spring for a release date early in the summer, we are now at the end of August, what caused this delay?
Kurt “Coach” Wenger: If I told you I’d have to kill you….. No just kidding. We wanted everything on the truck to be perfect for the customer. We wanted to make sure that all of the improved parts made it into the kit.

MyRCBox.com: How would you describe the RC8T compared to others truggies on the market?
Kurt “Coach” Wenger: It’s the best! Really though, it’s got an awesome handling, durablility, 16mm shocks, and the body looks tough! Our truck is really unique.

MyRCBox.com: Any idea of what will be the Team base setup?
Kurt “Coach” Wenger: We are working off of Ryan Maifield’s setup from the Idaho race. It’s on www.rc10.com. Direct link.

MyRCBox.com: Any date for the Ready-to-Run version?
Kurt “Coach” Wenger: Someday of course, but I can’t tell you exactly when.

Kurt "Coach" Wenger talks Team Associated RC8T Articles

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