My Pro-Lined RC8.2e

My Pro-Lined RC8.2e Articles
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As far as I can remember, I’ve always used Pro-Line products. From my first RC10T stadium truck to ma RC8.2e buggy, Pro-Line has always been my number one choice. This was natural for me to equip my Team Associated RC8.2e with Pro-Line products.



The body:

This 2012 Bulldog body fits perfectly on my RC8.2e. It has a very low profile and the windshield is steeper to improve down force. The side of the body are also raised a little more to increase room for the LiPo packs. There are numerous of places where I can make holes to increase the airflow inside the body to cool down electronics. The roof and the rear sections have been modified to increase airflow. For more information, visit

My Pro-Lined RC8.2e Articles



The wing:

The Pro-Line Downforce wing is on the market for many years now, it has never been upgraded and it still to be one of the best rear wing on the market. I use this wing for many years now and I have no need to use another one. In racing terms I would say that this wing bolts the rear end on the track and helps my buggy flying level. For more information, visit

My Pro-Lined RC8.2e Articles


The tires, wheels and wheel nuts:

The most important part of a good race setup is the tires selection. Install the right tires and you have 75% of your setup done. I have many Pro-Line tires but my “By default” tires choice, the tires I always install first are the Blockades. I usually stick with softer X3, M3 or M4 compounds. The Blockades work very well on multitude of surfaces, specially the hard packed surfaces with a little dust on the top. They also have excellent lifespan. The tires come with closed cell inserts. For more information, visit

My Pro-Lined RC8.2e Articles


No secret here, the wheels are Pro-Line lightweight Velocity. They are available in white or yellow. I use the white ones simply because they look better on my buggy. The wheels are lighter than previous Velocity wheels and they have the PL logo engraved. They look really nice. For more information, visit

The Pro-Line Pro-Cap 17mm wheels nuts are new for me this year. In the past years, I’ve used the stock wheel nuts but this years I wanted to try something new. The Pro-Cap nuts are blue anodized with a white laser etched PL logo. They are serrated so they will not come out loose during long mains. The main advantages of these wheel nuts is that they prevent dirt from entering into the hub where the pin setscrew is located. For more information, visit





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