Team Associated RC8.2 – Build Report – Bag B – Steering Assembly

The first step is to assemble the servo saver. Pay close attention to the orientation of the servo arms during the building process. It is easy to confuse them. Team Associated recommends to add a little bit of black grease between servo saver’s cams and to add thread lock to the servo saver’s adjustment thumb screw. The grease will simply make the servo saver works smoother and the thread lock will prevent the thumb screw from unscrewing.

Team Associated RC8.2 – Build Report – Bag B – Steering Assembly Articles

The servo saver is exactly the same as the one found on the previous versions of the buggy. No changes have been made.

The turnbuckles are pre-adjusted and assembled at the factory. I suggest you to double check the length of each of them before installation, just to make sure they are the right length. When assembling the turnbuckles, pay a very close attention to the orientation of each turnbuckle. The instructions are clear but you better check twice before going further in the installation.

Team Associated RC8.2 – Build Report – Bag B – Steering Assembly Articles

The installation of the steering drag link to the bell cranks is easy. No special comment here, just follow the instructions manual.

You should then install the front body mount to the top plate, make sure the body clip hole is aligned correctly before tightening the body post to the top plate. When you’ll install the front chassis brace to the top plate, be sure to install the brace on the right side of the top plate, not in the center. Use a drop of thread lock to secure the brace’s screw to the top plate.

Next step is to install the steering assembly to the chassis. This is a very easy step. Just follow the instructions. Once the steering is installed on the chassis, install the top plate. A very important point here is to make sure the bottom of the brace is correctly aligned to the chassis’ grove before tightening the top plate onto the steering posts. Follow the instructions to complete the steering assembly installation.

Team Associated RC8.2 – Build Report – Bag B – Steering Assembly Articles

Once the steering assembly is installed, all steering components must move freely. If there is a binding, you did something wrong and you must inspect all parts for proper installation.


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