Team Associated RC8.2 – Build Report – Bag K – Radio Tray Assembly

The RC8B has introduced the forward battery box location and the new RC8.2 uses exactly the same radio tray as its predecessor.  No new parts for the RC8.2, all the parts are the same. There are few steps that you should be aware, especially when it comes the time to assemble the brake and throttle linkages and to route the servos’ wires. The instructions are clear but you must make sure that all linkages are operating freely and are correctly adjusted.

Team Associated RC8.2 – Build Report – Bag K – Radio Tray Assembly Articles

As always, Team Associated has included spacers of different thickness for the servos. They are used to mount as low as possible the servos without touching the chassis. Four different servos horns for the steering and four others for the brake/throttle are included. Each of them has a different number of splines to accommodate Airtronics, Futaba, Hitec and JR servos. Because the Team Associated’s servos that I use have the same number of splines as the Futaba’s, I used the horns with a F printed on. You’ll need use a 3mm drill bit to enlarge the servo horn’s holes. For the steering and the throttle, you must enlarge the hole that is at the end of the horn but for the brakes, you must enlarge the middle hole on the brake side of the horn. When attaching the brake bias block and the throttle pivot, don’t over tight the nuts and make sure the pivot and the block can move freely.

Team Associated RC8.2 – Build Report – Bag K – Radio Tray Assembly Articles

Before attaching the radio tray to the chassis, make sure the servo’s wire are routed correctly to not squeeze them between the radio tray and the chassis. If you use transponder, this is the right time to install it. Of course the pictured transponder is not included with the kit J

The manual recommends the use of thread lock during the assembling but I prefer wait until the engine has been installed and when the throttle and brake linkages have been perfectly set and adjusted with my radio. I then remove all the set screws one at the time and apply thread lock to each of them. To facilitate access to the set screw, I made sure they were all pointing up. This will make future adjustments easier. Of course, when you adjust the linkage, you must first reset all your radio’s trims to zero.

Team Associated RC8.2 – Build Report – Bag K – Radio Tray Assembly Articles

A little trick, I’ve bent the end of each small body clips used for the receiver box. This makes removal and installation really much easier.

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