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Team Associated RC10 Classic – Interview

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RC10 Classic – Interview


Last weekend, Team Associated has announced the re-release of the most popular R/C vehicle of the history, the Team Associated RC10 « Gold tub ». This vehicle, initially released in the early 80s, is the vehicle that invented R/C off-road racing and without the RC10, off-road R/C racing would never have been what it is today.

Older guys like me will remember the original RC10, the famous six-gear transmission, the gold anodized aluminum chassis and shocks, three-piece wheels and all the white plastic parts. When thinking about the original RC10, we also think about the NiCd 1400mAh packs, mechanical speed controllers, AM radios, 4 minutes mains, brushed motors and plastic style tires. This is what I call the good old days!

The very first edition of the RC10 is generally referenced as “Edinger”, because AE’s offices were located on Edinger Street. With the increasing popularity of the RC10, Team Associated had no other choice to move into a bigger building on Cadillac Ave. All kits made in this new building are referenced as “Cadillac”.

Collectors and Team Associated fans will be happy because the car that made history thirty years ago is back. The new RC10 Classic “Commercentre Drive edition” will soon hit hobby shops’ shelves!

This is with excitement that I’ve contacted Team Associated with few questions to find out more about the RC10 Classic.


MyRCBox: When did Team Associated start working on the RC10 re-release?
Team Associated: We began our planning in 2010 when we knew the 30th anniversary of the RC10 and 50th anniversary of AE was approaching (2014).


MyRCBox:You guys at Team Associated did a wonderful job on your Facebook page with teasing pictures of vintage RC10s. Was this part of the marketing?
Team Associated:Yes, absolutely.  In addition, we needed to know how much interest there really was in the rerelease.


MyRCBox:What have been the comments from Team Associated fans about the new RC10 Classic so far?
Team Associated:We were overwhelmed with the response when the project was officially announced.  In fact the entire production was sold during the first week.


MyRCBox:I’ve heard of a few collectors being nervous about the value of their vintage RC10s. What do you have to say to them?
Team Associated:For any of the parts being retooled for production, we purposely made them just slightly different to protect all of the original parts.  In addition we made the kit box a little different to further increase the value of the originals.


MyRCBox:How is making a kit like the RC10 Classic different from almost scratch is different than designing a kit like the B4.2?
Team Associated:Making the RC10 is basically remaking the original car using modern production methods.  Making a B4.2 is radically different because it must be designed to meet the needs of current day racers and be capable of competing in world class events.


MyRCBox:Will replacement parts be available? Will they be available for many years?
Team Associated:Yes. That’s our plan.


MyRCBox:When the RC10 Classic will hit hobby shops’ shelves?
Team Associated:Late August or early Sept is the current schedule.


MyRCBox:Any idea about the RC10 Classic street price?
Team Associated:Street price should be about $250


MyRCBox:The original RC10 chassis was not stamped but later chassis were stamped A, B or C. Will this new chassis be stamped? If yes, what letter will be used?
Team Associated:No letter is planned for the new chassis.


MyRCBox:From what I know, the original tooling was destroyed and no CAD was available in the early 80s. Did you have to completely redraw the buggy from A to Z and create new molding?
Team Associated:Everything had to be modeled in our design software, and confirmed that it was the correct version of the part.  Back then, some of the parts were updated during production but the drawings may not have been updated.  There was a great deal of computer work and paperwork to do with the rerelease project.


MyRCBox:On the Team Associated website, we can read “limited edition”, how many kits will be available? I’m sure, you’ll run out of stock really quickly. Are more RC10 Classic kits are planned or is this release is the first and final one?
Team Associated:We are only making one production of them to further enhance their value to the collector enthusiast.   Cant tell you how many total, but it is a limited production.


MyRCBox:Is the RC10 Classic a perfect replica of the Edinger or Cadillac RC10? Or a “modernized” version?
Team Associated:Its as close as we can make it, except for necessary updates to fit current day batteries and electronics.  We also eliminated some of the more annoying characteristics of the original car like leaky shocks, etc.


MyRCBox:Is the RC10 Classic 100% made in USA? Like in the old days?
Team Associated:Its not 100% made in the USA this time around, but a good portion of it is.   For example, all the chassis parts are made here.


MyRCBox:The original kit part number was 6000, so I guess this is not a coincidence if this new kit’s part number is 6001?
Team Associated:Definitely not a coincidence.  We planned it that way back in 1984…………………….just kidding.


MyRCBox:The original RC10 has a six-gear transmission. What transmission is used in the RC10 Classic?
Team Associated:The RC10 Classic will have the same 6 gear transmission, but a few improvements have been made to help it hold up to current brushless motors and make it more easy easier to assemble.


MyRCBox:I never thought I would ask this question in 2013 but does the kit come with bushings or bearings? LOL
Team Associated:The original kit had bushings, and so does the RC10 Classic kit.


MyRCBox:Do you have plans for “vintage” brushed motors or mechanical speed controllers? That would be a nice options for collectors.
Team Associated:No we do not.  We’re not sure how current day hobbyists would cope with mechanical speed controls and brushed motors.


MyRCBox:When I interview a manufacturer about a kit, I usually ask if a RTR version will be released later but in this case, I’ll skip the question! 🙂
Team Associated:No RTR planned.


MyRCBox:Can we expect a RC10 Graphite, RC10CE or even a RC10T re-release?
Team Associated:We are considering all options for the future.  Right now, our hands are full with getting the RC10 Classic ready for production.  If our customers want something further, how could we say no?


MyRCBox:Do you think buyers will keep the box sealed, build the kit and put it on the shelf or do you think the buyers will race them?
Team Associated:That’s hard for us to predict, but since this is a limited release, it might happen.


MyRCBox:Is there anything else you would like to say about the RC10 Classic?
Team Associated:A project like this really brings us back to our roots and allows us to remember all the good times we’ve had along the way.  Its been a fun and rewarding ride so far, and we look forward to the future and what it brings us.


MyRCBox:On a personal note, everybody remembers the fantastic 2-pages ad ( where an oversized RC10 buggy was surrounded by photographs, kids, Jamin’ Jay Halsey and a trophy girl. That would be nice if you can remake this ad again.
Team Associated:Ha, that ad has already been placed and you will soon see it again.

Thank you so much Team Associated for bringing back the buggy that started it all.

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