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Best upgrades for the RC18T RTR

Best upgrades for the RC18T RTR Articles

Here’s some aftermarket products that, I believe, worth the money to be invested on your RC18T. This list represents items I trust, this is a good starting point for everyone who wants to improve the performance, the durability and the style of his 18T. There are many more products on the market, I just listed those that are the best bang for the bucks.

UpgradeMy top picks


ElectronicsReedy Mini-Mod 17T (PN: 291)
Reedy Mini-Mod 19T (PN: 292)
ElectronicsReedy VMX R-14 High voltage 1400 NiMH (PN: 617)Performance
Drive trainTeam Associated CVD’s. (PN: 21230)Durability
ElectronicsDeans plugsDurability
Drive trainDrivenPro gear coverDurability
SteeringDrivenPro draglink (Read review)Performance
SuspensionDrivenPro shock spring retainers (Read review)Durability
HandlingTeam Associated Factory Titanium Turnbuckles (PN: 21055)Performance
SuspensionRPM front and rear a-arms (Read review)Durability
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