Best upgrades for the RC18T RTR

Here’s some aftermarket products that, I believe, worth the money to be invested on your RC18T. This list represents items I trust, this is a good starting point for everyone who wants to improve the performance, the durability and the style of his 18T. There are many more products on the market, I just listed those that are the best bang for the bucks.

Upgrade My top picks


Electronics Reedy Mini-Mod 17T (PN: 291)
Reedy Mini-Mod 19T (PN: 292)
Electronics Reedy VMX R-14 High voltage 1400 NiMH (PN: 617) Performance
Drive train Team Associated CVD’s. (PN: 21230) Durability
Electronics Deans plugs Durability
Drive train DrivenPro gear cover Durability
Steering DrivenPro draglink (Read review) Performance
Suspension DrivenPro shock spring retainers (Read review) Durability
Handling Team Associated Factory Titanium Turnbuckles (PN: 21055) Performance
Suspension RPM front and rear a-arms (Read review) Durability

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