How to convert your transmitter to LiPo battery Articles

How to convert your transmitter to LiPo battery

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How to convert your transmitter to LiPo battery


We all know that buying alkaline AAs batteries for a transmitter will end to be expensive. Buying rechargeable AA batteries is a good the alternative but there is better. Converting your transmitter to LiPo is less expensive than buying 8 AAs rechargeable batteries and a LiPo powered transmitter will last much longer. How much does it cost to convert to LiPo? Less than 8$us and five minutes of your time.


Before you begin the installation, it is important to identify the positive and negative wires before disconnecting the battery tray from the transmitter. If you invert polarity when connecting the LiPo pack, you will damage your radio. I used a permanent marker to mark a positive and a negative signs near the connector on the radio.

Installation is very simple, the Turnigy 1450mAh 3S 11.1v LiPo transmitter pack that I have used for this article comes with two different connectors, use the one that best fits your radio’s connector. The Turnigy pack is very compact, you can use foam to pad the battery pack inside the radio to prevent the pack from moving.

How to convert your transmitter to LiPo battery Articles

That’s it, it’s done! I can now benefit of all the advantages of using a long lasting LiPo pack. My transmitter is much lighter (the LiPo pack only weights 95g), I don’t have to worry about AA batteries anymore and I have now long runtime before I need to charge the pack. I’ve bought three of these packs and they fit well in many of my transmitters. I’ve used them in a Futaba 3PM Fast and in a Team Associated B4.1 RTR’s transmitter. They fit perfectly in many others radios because they are smaller (L: 93mm, H: 40mm, W: 14mm) than the stock battery tray.

I have bought several Turnigy 1450mAh 3S 11.1v transmitter packs from to convert my transmitters. They fit perfectly my Futaba 3PM Fast and all my others radios.


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6 thoughts on “How to convert your transmitter to LiPo battery

  1. Hi, i bought the same battery for my futaba 3pmx and would like to know which wire to use for charging? It has a futaba plug so that will go in the trx.. should i use the same for charging?

  2. Great. Thanks. This battery is a blessing… Used my 3pmx for about one hour on these and the charge moved from 12.6 to 12.4.

    It came perfectly balanced.

  3. So if the polarity is connected wrong and the radio is attemted to be turned on, then the polarity is corrected and still no power, the transmitter is now permenantly damaged? Is it possible to repair?? Is there anything I could do to save the transmitter? 3pmx fasst and a futaba t3pdf were both connected wrong and attemted to be turned on….Thanks

    1. I don’t know what exactly “blow” when you inverse polarity.I don’t think you can fix them. Maybe try to contact an electronic repair shop

      Good luck

      1. A lot of electronics have what’s known as an “idiot diode” which will blow if the incorrect polarity is connected, saving the electronics. It may be possible to just connect a new diode & it may work.

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