Nitro engine displacement conversion chart

Manufacturers use different terms to identify engine displacement. Basically, they use a metric cubic centimeter (cc) or a USA cubic inch (ci) term. This can confuse many people when it is time to choose an engine. With this chart, you’ll be able to convert the most popular engines on the market.

Nitro engine displacement conversion chart Articles

.12ci = 2.0cc

.15ci = 2.5cc

.18ci = 3.0cc

.20ci = 3.3cc or 3.4cc depending of the manufacturer

.21ci = 3.46cc, 3.48cc or 3.5cc depending of the manufacturer

.23cc = 3.78cc

.24ci = 3.975cc

.25ci = 4.1cc

.26ci = 4.26cc

.27ci = 4.4cc

.28ci = 4.6cc

.30ci = 4.9cc

.32ci = 5.2cc

.36ci = 5.9cc

.46ci = 7.7cc

.50ci = 8.0cc

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  1. Hello. What else shall i consider when replacing an engine. My current is the xtm xst 24.7 engine. Many thanks whats a good engine to replace with size wise.

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