How to cut venting hole in a body

There are two major reasons why people cut holes into their nitro vehicle’s body. The most important is to create an air flow to cool down the nitro engine and another important reason is to allow refuelling without the need to remove the body.

You need to cut two holes, one in the windshield to let fresh air enters the body to cool down the engine. For the refuelling hole, most of the time the fuel tank can be easily reached by the driver’s window. The method is the same for both holes.

How to cut venting hole in a body Articles

  1. Create four 1/2″ holes with a body reamer or a drill. Holes represent the four corners of the area to cut. (See the red dots)
  2. Use scissor and then cut a straight line between each holes. (See the red lines)
  3. Once you cut the hole, use a sandpaper to soften the edges.
  4. It’s done !

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