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How to stop a nitro engine

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How to stop a nitro engine


There are many ways to stop a nitro engine. Here’s the pros and cons of each methods. Personally, I prefer to clog the tuned pipe, however if my engine is out of control I pinch the fuel line because is more accessible even if the body still on the vehicle. If the flywheel can be reached easily, like on my RC10GT2, I will use my shoe to block the flywheel.

I’m not a big fan of removing the air filter to block the carb intake with my finger to stop my engine because my air filter is secured to the carb with zip tie making if more difficult to remove.

MethodWhat’s coolWhat’s NOT cool
Stop the flywheel
Immediately stops the engine even if the engine revs out of controlNo extra fuel inside the engineCan be dangerous because the flywheel spins really fastFlywheel not easily accessible on all vehicles
Clog the tuned pipe’s stingerYour engine will be primed for the next startCan flood your engineTuned pipe may burn your fingers

Will not stop the engine if the engine revs out of control

Block the carb intakeImmediately stops the engine even if the engine revs out of controlEngine stops because it lacks air, this is safe for your engineNot easily accessibleMust remove air filter every time

Can be dangerous due to the few rotating parts near the carb

Dirt can enter the carb

Pinch the fuel lineIf this is the last run, no fuel will remain in your engine and you can add few drops of after run oil

Will lean the engine before it stops

Fuel line may be difficult to reach

Will take few seconds to stop the engine if the engine revs out of control

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