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Manufacturer:Team Associated
Model:Monster GT 4.60 SE
Street Price:410$US
Wheelbase:14.1 in.
Width:17.25 in.
Weight:12 Lbs
Length:22 in.
Height:10.75 in.
Front Track: 17.4in.
Rear Track:17.6 in.
Ground Clearance:3.5 in.
Chassis type:Extruded rail
Chassis material:Aluminum
Drive train type: CVA Shaft-drive 4WD, ALL-METAL CVA Center Driveshafts
Primary:16T clutch bell / 52T spur gear
Clutch type:3 shoes composite medium springs
Transmission ratio:8.132:1 (first) 5.624:1(second)
Final drive ratio:28.22:1 (first) 19.51:1(second)
Differential:Sealed bevel gear
Bearing type:Rubber sealed
Suspension Type:Upper and lower wishbones
Shocks:8 plastic oil-filled, coil-over
Wheel type:14mm hex chrome wheel
Tire type:Team Associated chevron tread 6 5/8″ diameter
Engine:Thunder tiger Pro .28 with pullstart and shaft start. 2 needle slide carburator
Tuned pipe: Dual-chamber, aluminum
Fuel Tank:135cc dual pick-up
Radio:Team Associated XP3, 3 channel AM with steering dual rate, steering and throttle trim, and high and low throttle end-point (ATV) adjustments
Steering servo:Team Associated S2008MG Metal gear, 111oz
Throttle/brake servo:Team Associated S1903
Reverse servo:Team Associated S1903
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