Monster Trucks Tires Comparison

Over the time, I collected from magazines, different web sites and my own experience some tires information. One best thing to know about tires it’s their weight simply because lighter they are, the faster you’ll accelerate. You can also compare their diameters, width and compound.

Tires Purpose Weight Diameter
Width Compound
HPI Dirt Bonz Tire S Compound Racing 155g 145,1 85,8mm (3.38″) Medium
I-MEX Baja All terrain 202g 142 85mm (3.3″) Soft & Medium
I-MEX Claw Dawg All terrain 248g 144 86mm (3.4″) Soft & Medium
I-MEX Dirt Dawg All terrain 267g 133 83mm (3.28″) Soft & Medium
I-MEX Jumbo Kong All terrain 588g 216 126mm (5.0″) Medium
I-MEX JumboMaxx Cheveron All terrain 433g 162 118mm (4.6″) Medium
I-MEX JumboMaxx Claw Dawg All terrain 419g 160 118mm (4.6″) Medium
I-MEX JumboMaxx Swamp Dawg All terrain 435g 164 118mm (4.6″) Medium
I-MEX Road Dawg On-road 269g 139 80mm (3.1″) Soft & Medium
I-MEX Swamp Dawg All terrain 268g 143,00 80mm (3.1″) Soft & Medium
I-MEX Trail Dawg All terrain 189g 146 88mm (3.5″) Soft & Medium
Ofna MT NIK All terrain 190g 137 79mm (3.1″) Medium
Ofna MT Oval Pin Racing 199g 137 76mm (3.1″) Medium
Ofna MT Spike Racing 187g 137 78mm (3.1″) Medium
Panther Meat Grinder All terrain 19g2 137,8 99,3mm (3.9″) Medium
Panther Mega Maxx On-road 195g 134,6 94mm (3.7″) Medium
Panther Paddle Sand / Snow / Mud 195g 145,4mm (5.7″) Medium
Panther Plow Boy All terrain 200g 141,3 92mm (3.6″) Medium
Panther Plow Boy 2 All terrain 200g 141,3 94,6mm (3.7″) Medium
Power Racing Chevron All terrain 220g 150 81,9mm (3,2″) Medium
Power Racing Chex All terrain 295g 150 81,5mm (3.1″) Medium
Power Racing Fangs All terrain 280g 150,5 Medium
Power Racing Spike Racing 192g 147 81,7mm (3,2″) Medium
Power Racing Split V All terrain 290g 151,5 82,8mm (3.2″) Medium
Power Racing Traffic Racing 260g 153,9 85,2mm (3.3″) Medium
Pro-Line Badlands MT All-Terrain 178g 148 91mm (3.6″) 69mm (2.72″) Soft
Pro-Line Bow Tie MT Racing 147g 145 91mm (3.6″) 69mm (2.72″) Soft
Pro-Line Bow Tie MTR Racing 156g 145 91mm (3.6″) 69mm (2.72″) Soft
Pro-Line Bow Tie 40 Tires M2 Racing 172,9g 147 91mm (3.6″) 86mm (3.4″) Soft
Pro-Line Crime Fighter MT Tires Racing 139g 145 81mm (3,2″) 78mm (3,1″) Soft
Pro-Line Crime Fighter MTR Tires Racing 149g 145 81mm (3,2″) 78mm (3,1″) Soft
Pro-Line Hole Shot MTR Racing 151g 142 91mm (3.6″) 69mm (2.72″) Soft
Pro-Line Dirt Hawg 40 Series Tires All terrain 260,9g 152 92mm (3-5/8″) 89mm (3-1/2″) Soft
Pro-Line Masher 40 Series Tires All terrain 152 89mm (3-1/2″) 98mm (3-7/8″)
Pro-Line Maxx 40 Big Joe Tire All terrain 286g 162 89mm  (3-1/2″) 111mm  (4-3/84″) Soft
Pro-Line Maxx 40 Road Rage On-road 188g 146 92mm (3-5/8″) 95mm (3-3/4″) Soft
Pro-Line Maxx Bow-Tie Racing 159g 147 77mm (3″) 84mm (3.3″) Soft
Pro-Line Maxx Masher Tire All terrain 208g 147 77mm (3″) 84mm (3.3″) Medium
Pro-Line Maxx Mulcher All terrain / Racing 200g 147 77mm (3″) 84mm (3.3″) Medium
Pro-Line Maxx Paddle Sand / Snow / Mud 178g 147 77mm (3″) 84mm (3.3″) Medium
Pro-Line Maxx Road Rage Tire On-road 194g 147 77mm (3″) 84mm (3.3″) Soft
Pro-Line Moab 40 Serie Tire All terrain 375g 175 91mm (3.6″) 99mm (3.9″) Soft
Pro-Line Moab XL 40 Serie Tire All terrain 221g 186 91mm (3.6″) 87mm (3.43″) Soft
Pro-Line Mulcher Tire All terrain / Racing 176g 152 86mm (3.4″) 84mm (3.3″) Soft
Pro-Line Mulcher 40 Serie Tire All terrain / Racing 170g 155 91mm (3.6″) 99mm (3.9″) Soft
TCR Off-Road Grass All terrain 208g 143 83mm (3.28″) Medium
TCR Off-Road Micro Racing 181g 145 80mm (3.1″) Medium
TCR Off-Road Paqman Racing 173g 144 83mm (3.28″) Medium
TCR Off-Road Park On-road 185g 141 83mm (3.28″) Medium
TCR Off-Road Puller All terrain 229g 152 82mm (3.25″) Medium
Team Associated Monster GT tire All terrain 285g 178 75mm 89mm Medium
Team Losi Zombie Maxx All terrain 230g 153 83mm (3.28″) Soft
Team Orion Dominator Racing 169g 143 83mm (3.28″) Medium
Team Orion Meathook All terrain 192g 144 82mm (3.25″) Medium
Team Orion Redneck All terrain 224g 151 86mm (3.4″) Medium
Team Orion Streetsweeper On-road 185g 141 83mm (3.28″) Medium
Traxxas SportTraxx Tires Racing 185g 153 80mm (3.14″) 85mm (3.34″) Soft
Traxxas Talon Tires (Revo stock tires) All terrain / Racing 149 96,5mm (3.8″) 82mm (3.25″)
Traxxas Tire 3.2″ T-Maxx All terrain 146 81mm (3.2″) 89mm  (3-1/2″)
Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

Hello, my name is Sylvain Lafrance and I am the man behind I have bought my first hobby grade RC in the early 90s. With years, what that started as a simple hobby, quickly became a strong passion. I am so much passionate about R/C that I have created in 2006 to share my experiences with R/C products that I use for racing and bashing. Follow me !

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