Team Associated RC10GT2 Manuals and exploded views

Here are some links to the RC10GT2 manuals and exploded views. They are all from the Team Associated web site.

You’ll need Team Associated RC10GT2 Manuals and exploded views Articles   to view those files.

RC10GT2 Exploded view

RC10GT2 Manual- Part A (8MB)

RC10GT2 Manual- Part B (9MB)

To have all exploded views and manuals for all your Team Associated kits, you can buy the complete reference library on cd-rom.

Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

Hello, my name is Sylvain Lafrance and I am the man behind I have bought my first hobby grade RC in the early 90s. With years, what that started as a simple hobby, quickly became a strong passion. I am so much passionate about R/C that I have created in 2006 to share my experiences with R/C products that I use for racing and bashing. Follow me !

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