Team Associated RC18 Tighter Servo Saver

Team Associated RC18 Tighter Servo Saver Articles
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Stock steering servo saver is a bit on the soft side for racing. An easy fix is to install few coils of a shock spring around the servo saver. This modification only costs 2.50$ and takes 15 minutes…. Here’s how-to….

To accomplish this modification, you must first uninstall the steering servo from the 18T. You must remove the two screws (under the chassis) that hold the servo and the drag link from the servo saver.

Team Associated RC18 Tighter Servo Saver Articles

Cut 2-3 coils from a spare shock spring. I used a gold spring because this is the stiffest spring offered by AE for the 18T. You can use a front or a rear spring. Part number #21149 for the front springs or #21203 for the rear springs. They only cost 2.50$us for 2 springs !!!!!

If you use 2-3 coils of a shock spring, this will make your servo saver really tight, you can use 1 or 2 coils if you want a little bit smoother servo saver. I use only 1 coil for my 18T, it’s enough to tight the servo saver and this will prevent my servo from breaking under hard impacts.

Install the spring around the servo saver clip. To prevent the spring from sliding of the servo saver, I apply few drops of glue.

 Team Associated RC18 Tighter Servo Saver Articles

Reinstall the servo into the 18T, you’ll notice how tight is the steering.

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