Team Associated Monster GT – More Steering Articles

Team Associated Monster GT – More Steering

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Team Associated Monster GT – More Steering


Compared to the other monster trucks, the Monster GT has a high turning radius. To improve the steering here’s some good tips.

Once again, if you still use the stock receiver, do the 4th channel mod.

Install the Factory steering kit. This will replace the stock servo saver with a complete aluminium bellcrank with integrated adjustable servo saver. Part number 25395.

To increase initial turning, use negative toe (-1) in for the front wheels.

The left turnbuckle’s end hits the front diff when turning to the left, use a Dremel and grind a little bit of plastic on the diff case.

Use lighter diff oil in the rear diff and heavier in the front diff. I use 1000wt in the rear diff and 7000wt in the front diff. Setting up diff oil depends of your driving style, what’s good for me, may not be good for you…

Use a little bit of drag brake. Drag brake is when your truck brakes when the throttle is at the neutral position. Just turn on the receiver and the transmitter and tight your brake until you feel that the truck brakes when you push it. Don’t tight too much  this can cause brake binding. Drag brake will help to transfer weight on the front wheels and will give more front traction. This will also lightweight the rear end, so don’t use too much drag brake.

Grind the knuckles. Gently grind the front knuckles, this will let them rotate more before hitting the pivot balls. Also, you’ll need to bind your turnbuckles because they will hit the a-arms. Pictures soon.

Use lighter front shocks oil. Stock oil is 40wt with blue springs. If you race, don’t go more than 50wt… The softer the front end is, the more turning traction the truck will have.

Add weight to the front end. If you can, relocate the humppack between the front shock tower and the receiver box. This will add a few grams to the front end.

Change the ride height. You can add shock spacers on the rear shocks and remove spacers on the front shocks. Don’t add or remove too much spacers, keep in mind that your truck must stay “bone level” on all 4 corners.

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