How to Setup XPS ESC

How to Setup XPS ESC Articles
XPSC200 electronic speed control.
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How to Setup XPS ESC


  1. Turn the transmitter on
  2. Turn the ESC on
  3. Using a plastic tool, press and hold the ESC “SET” button for at least 3 seconds. The setup LED will flash red/green to confirm that the unit is in setup mode.
  4. Leaving the transmitter trigger at neutral, press the setup button once. The “Throttle Neutral” setting has been stored, and the setup LED is now green.
  5. Pull the transmitter trigger back to full throttle and press the setup button once. Release trigger. The “Throttle full” setting as been stored, and the setup LED is now red.
  6. Push the throttle trigger forward to full break and press the setup button once. The “Brake full” setting has been stored, and the setup LED flashes red/green 3 times simultaneously.

Your XPS Electronic Speed Control has been set and your vehicle is ready to run. If you make a mistake during the setup procedure, don’t worry; disconnect the battery for about 10 seconds and start over with step 1.

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  1. Avatar

    i am having trouble setting my xps esc#29136 it worked fine and all of a sudden it only runs in reverse i tried all the set up techniques you have on this site here and none of them are working is there anything you can suggest to help me please thanks if its easier to call me on my cell you can do so thanks 708-296-2034

  2. admin

    Did you check the trims on your radio? Also, try to disconnect the car battery and reconnect it. Otherwise, you can give a call to Team Associated support, they will find out what the problem is.

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