Fastis – Calendar Countdown App for iOS

Fastis Calendar AppFastis is a usefull application that gives you the time remaining before your next calendar events or the
time elapsed since previous events.

Import from calendar: Import events stored in your iPhone’s calendar


  • Countdown the years, days, hours and minutes until your next events.
  • Countdown the years, days, hours and minutes since your last events.
  • Edit calendar’s events.
  • 30 days, 90 days, 1 year, 2 years and 4 years selectable timeframes.
  • Quickly view your countdowns in real-time.
  • Display all your event dates in one place.
  • Use your calendars colors.
  • Include or exclude past events.
  • Run across multiple devices with default iCloud calendar syncing.
  • Infinite number of events.
  • Light and dark modes supported.
  • No limitations, this is a full version.


Fastis is really easy to use:

  • Tap “Today” to select today or nearest today event
  • Tap the refresh icon to quickly resync Fastis with your calendars.
  • Tap or swipe right to edit an event


Privacy Policy:

To make it simple, me, the developer (Sylvain Lafrance) doesn’t collect any of your informations. I really don’t need any of your personal informations!


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Thank you