Team Associated’s logo copied?

Team Associated's logo copied? My Words
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A friend of mines sent me few pictures of the “AE” logo that are very similar to the Associated Electrics logo.

The picture shows a spectacular Ford Mustang Hybrid wearing the logo of Always Evolving, a company specialized in high performances parts for full scale cars in which Paul Walker was a team member.

Team Associated's logo copied? My Words

Always Evolving’s logo is really similar to Associated Electrics’ logo. The AE’s logo represents a slot cars track forming the letters AE. The Always Evolving’s logo also represents the letters AE and with the same shape and design.

Judge by yourself…

Team Associated's logo copied? My Words


Team Associated's logo copied? My Words

Is this coincidence? I don’t know but if you go in public wearing your Always Evolving hat, don’t be surprise if someone asks you how long you are a Team Associated fan 🙂


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    I don’t think RC companies are as popular as you think. Yes coincidence. Sad to even see this being brought up.

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    Definitely a copyright infringement. Cease and Desist letter should be sent.

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