The Short Course Truck class is now OPENED! My Words

The Short Course Truck class is now OPENED!

I can’t be happier; every day, the short course trucks class is getting more popular among racers and bashers. The recent addition of two new SC trucks in the industry just makes me even happier. The main reasons why I’m so happy are obviously easy to understand. First, R/C gets more exposure which means more chance to attract new comers into the hobby. The second reason is as much simple as the first one, electric 1/10th scale is my favourite category, especially 2wd vehicles. All the short course trucks on the market are affordable, realistic, durable and incredibly fun to drive. Their price tags are around the 200U$ and they are sold ready-to-run. This is the ideal package to attract more people into the hobby. Just buy one or two NiMh packs and a charger and you are ready to go. You don’t need LiPos or brushless motors to have fun with those SC trucks. They perform well right out the box, so well; there is a race class for the stock short course trucks at most race tracks.

The Short Course Truck class is now OPENED! My Words
Traxxas Slash


The first SC truck to hit the market was the Traxxas Slash and few months later, Team Associated was releasing the SC10. At this time, there were only two trucks available for racers and bashers. However, Losi recently released a new SC truck, the Strike and HPI announced the Blitz few weeks ago. Now, four of the biggest names in the R/C industry are into the short course truck market, great! Who’s next? Maybe Ofna, they have announced an electric 1/10th short course truck but unfortunately, the truck is announced as a 4wd and will not be race “legal” against others 2wd short course trucks on the market.

The Short Course Truck class is now OPENED! My Words
Team Associated SC10
The Short Course Truck class is now OPENED! My Words
Losi Strike
The Short Course Truck class is now OPENED! My Words
HPI Blitz

This looks like the short course trucks are here to stay. It doesn’t matter if you want to race them or simply have fun in your backyard. Mix durability, fun handling and affordability together, add a nice looking body and you get a winning package, the short course trucks.


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