Who will win the tires war? My Words

Who will win the tires war?

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Few days ago, I was surfing on different websites looking for new rear tires for my 1/10 stadium truck. I noticed that on all websites visited, all tire makers have replaced many of their popular stadium truck and 2wd buggy tires with 1/8 buggy tires. The choices of “pins” style tires for my stadium truck was limited. In fact, I only had the choice between few different tread patterns and one or two different compounds. The choice was even more limited in the 2wd buggy tires department!

This makes me realize that many more companies now offer tires. Companies not know for being in the “tire business” before are now selling 1/8 buggy performance tires. Companies like Pro-Line Racing, AKA, Panther, Losi and JConcepts, Hot Bodies and Team Associated (LRP) are all selling “race” tires. There are so many companies, I’m sure I didn’t list them all. 🙂

All those companies are highly in competition with each others to win every big race. For example, Pro-Line Racing doubled their efforts with a last minute tire (the Revolver) to win the last Worlds championship. Now, all tires makers are not just innovating with new compound and tread patterns. They have pushed the tire industry further. They are working to redefine standards established for many years with new wheels, new widths, new molded foam inserts and directional tires. Winning for tires companies is now as much important as winning for the chassis manufacturers.

Who will win?

All customers and specially racers like you and I, will be the winners of this tire war. Companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars in R&D. They invest big money to win more races and to have their names associated to the biggest races and best racers.

This is hard to tell exactly what will happen in the next few months or years. Companies will continue to work hard to offer better race tires with new treads and softer compounds that will last longer. One thing is for sure. Inserts, wheels design, compound and tread patterns will be part of our race setups like they have never been before. The war has just begun.

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