Bad karma hit me or at least hit my transmitter!

Bad luck or bad karma, call it what ever you want but sometimes it seems that every thing we touch turns bad.


That’s exactly what happened to my Futaba 4PL. I own this radio for many years and this is by far the best transmitter I ever had. Unfortunately, when I went to my workshop to take my radio, I’ve found it laying on the ground with a broken antenna and body.

I absolutely don’t know what happened and what will happen with my radio. I’ve searched the web for replacement parts but unluckily, the parts I need seem to be discontinued or at least extremely hard to find.

I hope I’ll find parts to repair my transmitter, I have so many receivers that I don’t want to buy another radio and 6 or 7 more receivers.
I emailed Futaba, I hope they will have good news for me.

I’ll let you know how it ends… 🙂



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