Do you remember your first R/C race?

Do you remember your first R/C race? My Words

Do you remember your first RC race? I do, this is like it was yesterday but it was in September 2005. I remember the day before the race, I inspected my Team Associated Monster GT carefully and drove it few minutes to make sure everything was in perfect condition. I packed my car’s truck with all my stock and I was ready to hit the road to the track. The track was located in Québec city, I woke up at 3h am, got a hot coffee and drove all the way to the race track. This was a 275 miles trip.

Do you remember your first R/C race? My Words

Arrived to the track I’ve met many people I knew from the race club’s forum. It was nice to associate faces with nick names. I went to the announcer and I registered my truck for the race. My class was monster truck, this was a very popular class back in 2005. I registered the mini class too, an “exhibition” race was planned during the day. At this time, nitro stadium trucks were also popular at this track. The buggy class did not exist at all, only one buggy raced with us in the monster truck class. I wish I had brought my RC10GT but I believe one class was more than enough for a first race experience. I then took off all my stock from my car and have set up my pit table. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my camping chair at home!! Note to myself, never forget the camping chair…

Do you remember your first R/C race? My Words

I remember that I’ve walked the track before the practices start, this was and still the best way to get familiar with a new track. The practices started and then the qualifications. I was so much nervous that the antenna of my Airtronics MX3 was shacking. ‘My hands still shake when I get up the podium but new 2.4GHz antennas are short so no one can notice that my hands shake… J I qualified somewhere in the B main. For the race, I finished first in the B main and I’ve bumped in the A-main… WOW this was cool. I finished 5th or 6th in the A-Main this day, I think it was the beginner’s luck. The most important was all I’ve learn during this day and friends I’ve met.

So, if you plan to attend to a race, GO FOR IT!!! You’ll love it. Take the time to learn for more experimented racers and don’t go to the race with a “I know everything” attitude. Remember, you are new to race… You still have a lot to learn J

Do you remember your first R/C race? My Words

My race truck at this time:

  • Team Associated Monster GT
  • Stock .21 engine
  • Forward only kit installed
  • Pro-Line Crime fighter tires on Velocity wheels
  • 40wt shock oil in front and rear
  • 5000wt diff fluid in front and 1000wt rear
  • Airtronics 358 steering servo

How was your first race experience???


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