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In the past, I’ve always used rattle cans to paint my R/C bodies and to be honest with you, I’ve always hated painting R/C bodies. This was before I try with an airbrush.

It took me few hours to complete this first body, most of the time spent was to adjust air pressure and to get familiar with the airbrush. I used Parma paint for this first try. The paint was a little too thick for my Paasche airbrush but I’ve mixed the paint with water (some use clear Windex) and the results were much better.

The black and white strip is the only airbrush effect I did for that first attempt. The yellow and the blue might have been done with rattle cans but I did them with the airbrush simply to get familiar with few techniques. I did my own paint mask out of vinyl sheet with my girlfriend’s Cricut cutter that she uses for scrapbooking.

What fun now with airbrushing is that I can mix any colors together and create my own color. The Cricut cutter lets me create any paint masks I want giving me endless possibilities, much more then my painting talent.

My first paint job looks correct for a first try. Of course, if you compare it to what pros do, I still have a lot to learn but I really enjoyed painting the body. The next ones can only look better. I have few bodies waiting to be painted. I’ll keep the same paint scheme and will only make few adjustments here and there like adding checkered flag on the rear section of the body.

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