You don’t have to be a scale freak to enjoy scale trucks!

You don’t have to be a scale freak to enjoy scale trucks! My Words
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I’m the living proof that you don’t have to be a scale freak to enjoy scale trucks. I’ve bought an Axial SCX10 TR Dingo last spring and since I’ve driven my scale truck under different conditions. Mud, snow, water are the places where I like to run my scale truck. Like many others, I prefer the off road capabilities of my truck rather than its scale or realistic look. Not that the Dingo doesn’t look real or because I can’t find any cool scale gadgets and accessories, it is just that I like my truck like it is at this moment.

So far, I did small modifications on my truck. I’ve added Pro-Line Hammers 2.2” tires mounted on Titus wheels in which I’ve added 8oz of weights to increase traction. I’ve also installed a Novak Forty-Five motor and a LRP A.I. Quantum Runner electronic speed controller. No scale accessories have been installed so far… I’ve only added few hopups to increase overall off road capabilities.

My Dingo is so fun and contagious that my son was always asking for the remote. I’ve solved this “funny” problem by buying him an Axial SCX10 Honcho RTR. I don’t have to tell you that he really enjoys his truck as much as I enjoy mine. Everybody who has tried one of these trucks had immediately loved how they handle rough terrains and how realist they are.

So, if you are looking at scale trucks like something for scale freaks, look at them twice. They are incredibly fun to drive and they are extremely reliable and robust. Thanks you Axial for such great trucks!

Skeptic?? Take the time to drive one slowly on rough terrains, you’ll want one!

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