Buggy or Truggy…? That is the question

Buggy or Truggy...? That is the question My Words
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Buggy or Truggy…? That is the question


If you know me, you know that I first started racing in the monster truck class. Running and jumping those big trucks around the track was cool and challenging. Like many others racers, when the first Hot Bodies Lightning truggy have hit the track and was lapping us, we all traded our slow and clumsy monster trucks for a truggy. I then bought a Thunder Tiger ST-1 that I really enjoyed on and off the track. The ST-1 was a durable truck capable of doing well in any situations. I raced the ST-1 for a full year and when Team Associated finally released the RC8T, I did the move and bought a Factory Team RC8T.

Meanwhile, all the buzz for the 1/8 buggy hit me and I sold my truggy for a Team Factory RC8. Proud of my purchase, I filled my parts box with race tires and spare parts and equipped my buggy with race gears. I raced the buggy at few local tracks and I had fun with it. I’m not a top level driver but I can be a difficult opponent to beat.

Now, the spring is here and I’m really interested to come back to the truggy class. I have my Novarossi 21 Plus 4 engine that it is ready, I still have my old LRP .28 Truggy engine that is in perfect shape even after 6 gallons of loyal services, my Pro-Line Caliber tires and my BullDog body will be here soon. I just need to buy two servos and I’ll be ready to fire up my truggy. Oh! I forgot! I will need to buy a truggy. Of course, this will be a Team Associated RC8T because most of the parts are interchangeable with the RC8 buggy and this will limit the need of buying spare parts.

Now that you know my state of mind, what is your? What are your plans for the 2010 season? Buggy or truggy?


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Sylvain Lafrance

Hello, my name is Sylvain Lafrance and I am the man behind MyRCBox.com. I have bought my first hobby grade RC in the early 90s. With years, what that started as a simple hobby, quickly became a strong passion. I am so much passionate about R/C that I have created MyRCBox.com in 2006 to share my experiences with R/C products that I use for racing and bashing. Follow me !

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  1. Avatar

    Answers please! I want to know! I’m making a decision soon!

  2. admin

    Not decided yet… 🙁 I’ll wait until next week to make my final descision.

    But… Here are the arguments for going with a truggy

    1) Since most racers prefer buggy, if I race truggy it will be easier to find a pitman 🙂
    2) Truggies are better off the track than buggies

  3. Avatar

    I’ll be going electric, either buggy or truggy. I’ve never owned a buggy so I have a pretty big itch for an RC8e.

  4. admin

    I’ve made my descision…

    I’ll go with a truggy and convert my RC8 to electric.

    I special project truggy will be publish soon…. 😉

  5. Avatar

    lol nice! I went buggy, now I have to figure out which motor/esc to go with. Right now I’m thinking CC MM 1800kv. Thoughts?

  6. admin

    Is this for racing or bashing? Small or large track?

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