Thank you Pro-Line, Adam, Ronda, Ty, Ryan and Cody! My Words

Thank you Pro-Line, Adam, Ronda, Ty, Ryan and Cody!

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Thank you Pro-Line, Adam, Ronda, Ty, Ryan and Cody!


Yesterday, I’ve received something that I can’t write review about, something that I can’t install on my R/C cars, it is not even electronic or mechanical. This is something that I’ll not use, this is something that I’ll hang preciously just next to my vintage R/C cars collection. What is it? This is a Pro-Line t-shirt autographed by Adam Drake, Ronda Drake, Ty Tessman, Cody King and Ryan Cavalieri. Thank you guys!


For many of you, it is just a t-shirt and all those pro drivers are just normal people. Many of you know or have already met those big names. But, for me who lives 3400 miles away from California, meeting top racers is more difficult. I’ve been lucky because when I asked for the autographed t-shirt, those pro drivers were at Pro-Line’s offices in preparation for the Worlds.

For me, being a leader on the race track is important but being a leader off the race track is even more important. I’m very lucky and privileged to have such a good relationship with Pro-Line and this is why I want to thank them for the t-shirt but also for all the support in the last six years.

Good luck to, Adam Drake, Ty Tessman, Ryan Cavalieri and to the current world champion Cody King at the 2012 Worlds.


Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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