Team Associated RC10T Re-release this year? My Words

Team Associated RC10T Re-release this year?

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This year, the Team Associated RC10T will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Just like the gold pan RC10 buggy, the legendary electric stadium truck has started a whole new racing class. In the early 90’s, most racers were racing 2wd buggies.

You can easily imagine that the electric stadium class was considered as the “heavy metal” class at this time. With its bigger wheels and longer chassis, the RC10T was not just popular on race tracks, it was also very popular in backyards and many today’s racers have started by racing or bashing a RC10T.


The older, will remember the very first generation with the narrow front wheels, the white plastic parts and the Stealth transmission. The goold old days isn’t it? For sure! That’s exactly the truck that got me into R/C in 1991.

Now, I hope, wish and pray that Team Associated will release a 25th anniversary edition of their legendary stadium truck (fingers crossed). With the previous re-release of the RC10, most part molding is already done.

There are tons of reasons why we should thank Team Associated for having invented the RC10T. Without this truck, I would never got hooked to the hobby and just for this reason, it’s worth thanking Associated.

Thank you Team Associated!


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Sylvain Lafrance

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