SC10GT or not? My Words

SC10GT or not?

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Few weeks ago, Team Associated has released a new nitro short course truck, the SC10GT. Based on the famous RC10GT2 nitro truck, the SC10GT should open the doors to a new class and should attract more die hard nitro racers into the short course racing buzz.


Even if the class is dead, my preferred truck is by far my RC10GT2. I like it because it requires more skills to be drove compared to any 4×4 vehicles. I also love my GT2 because it is 2wd and nitro. The sound, the smoke and the rooster tails are always fun! Unfortunately, the glory days of gas trucks are over. No one race them anymore, even many companies have discontinued a lot of their engines, tires, wheels and bodies designed for the gas trucks.

On the other hand, short course trucks are incredibly popular. To be honest with you, I’m not the biggest fan of those SC trucks. Yes, they look nice and realistic, they are also indestructible and they are the kings of the fender-to-fender action. Unfortunately, I really don’t like the fact that the chassis always gets full of debris, dirt and sand due to the closed wheels. This’s the main reason why I don’t like SC trucks. And I don’t even tell you about the dirt that goes in my ESC’s fan!!! OK, I know some companies sell lexan over-trays or a kind of giant nylon socks to cover the chassis but that’s really not what I want to see when I remove the body. I prefer seeing dirt, lol!

I own two short course trucks, a SC10 (very first gen.) and a SC10 4×4. I like both but I rarely run them due to the all the facts mentioned above.

The SC10GT has all that I like the most in R/C. It is 2wd, nitro, 1/10th scale and it is based on the GT2 which I know is a GREAT platform for a 2wd nitro truck. My concerns about the dirt and debris getting all over the chassis seem to be reduced due to the narrow chassis and by the absence of unprotected electronics.

Now I really don’t know what I should think about the SC10GT. Should I buy one or not?


Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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