Switching to electric !

Switching to electric ! My Words
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Something new for me this year, my main class will be electric, yes e-buggy! In the past years, I was a diehard fan of nitro racing, especially the nitro 1/8 buggy class. I’m still convinced that 1/8 nitro buggy is the pinnacle of all R/C racing classes.

The lack of pitman and the noise are the major reasons why I’ve decided to switch to electric for this season. I’m convinced that I’ll like electric 1/8 buggy. However, this doesn’t mean I’ll not run my nitro buggy once and a while. I’m not jumping into 1/8 electric without knowing what I’m doing, I had few e-buggies in the past but at that time, my focus was on nitro.

I already know what kit and electronics I’ll order. All I have to do is to patiently wait for warmer weather…



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