Team Associated B5 rumors intensified! My Words
New Team Associated B5 rumors!!!

Team Associated B5 rumors intensified!

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This week, the rumors of a new Team Associated B5 buggy have been intensified when someone posted a screen shot of the PDF TC6.2 manual where the new B5 and B5M part numbers were listed. This was enough to start (once again) the rumors mill! Was this an intentional leak by Team Associated? I don’t know but it worked. I’ve found all those rumors funny, so don’t take this post too much seriously! 🙂

Of course, I could ask Team Associated about the new B5 but they would just tell me that they are always working on something new, just like they are working on a new 1/8 buggy or a new SC truck. This is what I call business strategy! If I was a Team Associated employee I would do the same. That’s exactly as it should be. Team Associated is one of the biggest name in the R/C industry, and upcoming new products are always hidden or kept secret by big companies. No exception for the R/C industry!

Rumors always mean hypothetic affirmations and this is exactly what happened on the web this week. AE fans expressed their wishes and predictions for the new B5.

We invite you to share your predictions about the B5 on


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