Team Associated RC10F soon? My Words
Team Associated Formula One prototypes

Team Associated RC10F soon?

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Some informations and photos have leaked from Team Associated in the last weeks about a new Formula One prototype car. Few days ago, Rick Hohwart posted a picture of two prototypes Formula One cars.

Earlier in April, Rick had also raced and won a local race held at the Tamiya America Race Track with one of these prototypes. This is only one race but at first glance, the new F1 car seems to be promising.

In March, Bob Stellflue, the designer of the prototype, raced “secretly” the prototype at round 5 of the 2015-2016 Winter So Cal R/C Scale Series.

Team Associated RC10F soon? My Words
Bob Stellflue with the Team Associated Formula One prototype in March 2016

The chassis:
This is not the first step for Team Associated into the F1 class. Older guys (older than me!) will remember the RC1 which was a Formula One car designed and built by Team Associated in the early 70’s.

Team Associated RC10F soon? My Words
Team Associated RC1 in the early 70’s

OK, Team Associated has quitted F1 racing for many years now and things have quite changed in the last 40 years in the R/C world. Since the class is 1/10th, nothing stops Associated to use the RC12R5.2 chassis as a starting point. From the pictures, we can see that the rear end of the F1 looks similar to the RC12R5.2 rear end. This is the only hint that we have at this time about this possibility.

With a long and narrow nose, the chassis front end and the center sections will certainly be slightly different from the current RC12R5.2 chassis with components more centered and different front suspension. As for the material used, it will certainly be carbon fiber for its lightweight and stiffness.

Team Associated RC10F soon? My Words

It’s hard to tell when Team Associated will release their new Formula One car. We didn’t see what’s under the body but the prototype seems to be almost ready to go into production. We are May 2016, my guess would be an official press release by the end of June and the kit to be ready to ship somewhere in August…. Fingers crossed.

When looking at others similar F1 cars on the market, we expect the price range to be somewhere between 275$ and 325$us for a kit coming fully loaded with option parts.

The name?
How Team Associated will name the new F1? Traditionally, AE uses the letters “RC” followed by the scale and by a letter that designates the type of vehicle. In this case, the names “RC10F” or “RC10F1” seems to be logical according to what we have been used to.

Stay tuned to for more information about the new Team Associated Formula One car.

If you want to talk about this new car, we invite you to join – Team Associated Forum, the forum dedicated to Team Associated products.

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