Tebo back with Team Associated? Why not? :) My Words

Tebo back with Team Associated? Why not? :)

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My good friends at LiveRC.com have posted an interesting article about Jared Tebo’s future with Kyosho. After reading the article, I started dreaming of the return of Tebo with Team Associated. Of course, this is purely speculation but that would be nice to see Tebo back with the A-Team.


Unfortunately, the R/C world is more complex than my personal dreams or wishes and I don’t know what is said behind closed doors.

Anyway, I believe IF Tebo doesn’t renew his contract with Kyosho, he will certainly sign with a manufacturer that can supply him a competitive chassis for all nitro and electric off-road classes. This narrows the options to a handful of manufacturers like TLR, Team Associated, Team Durango and few others.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is enough place for Maifield, Cavalieri and Tebo in the same race team. But dreaming of seeing Tebo wheeling a RC8.3 is really exciting 🙂

Will Tebo stay with Kyosho or he will sign with another manufacturer? We will all know very soon… Meanwhile, let me dreaming!


December 6th Update: Jared Tebo re-signed a 5 years contract with Kyosho… Congrats Jared !!!



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