The End Of My Futaba 4PL

The End Of My Futaba 4PL My Words

If you follow, you should already know that I’ve found my Futaba 4PL radio laying on my workshop floor with a broken antenna.


Unfortunately, finding a replacement antenna is no more possible. After having unsuccessfully searched the web for a new antenna, I`ve decided to directly contact Futaba through their support page. The tech (Krysta, who was really nice with me) support told me that they can’t no more sell 2.4 Ghz parts, like an antenna, directly to customers. According to the tech, I have no other choice of send them the radio. Futaba was asking me a minimum of 80$us to repair my transmitter plus the shipping cost, which is around 20$us. With the poor value of the Canadian dollar, it would have cost me at least 130$CDN to repair my old 4PL.

At this price, I prefer to buy a new radio and I’ve found an excellent deal on Amazon. 238$CDN for a Futaba 4PLS. I should receive it by the end of the week, that is what the tracking number says 🙂

Even if I’m not happy by the fact that I can’t buy a 12$ antenna to repair my radio myself, I understand why there are regulations regarding 2.4Ghz radios. This was important for me to stay with Futaba. I always own their products and I’ve always been fully satisfied since my old Magnum radio on the early 90’s. Before buying my new 4PLS, I’ve compared all radios from others manufacturers and the Futaba 4PLS is the best bang for the bucks.

Stay tuned to for a full review.

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