Ty and Gord Tessmann – 110% Racing Clinic

We have all dreamed to spend few hours with a pro driver to learn tricks, secrets and to share experiences. This is exactly what Ty and Gord Tessmann do with the 110% Racing Camp. From what participants told me, the camp is 3-days long.

During these days, every little adjustments and their effects on the vehicle are clearly explained. Vehicle tuning, maintenance and preparation are also part of the camp. The coolest moment of the camp, is certainly when participants drive their vehicles on the track while Ty share his driving tricks.

Ty and Gord Tessmann - 110% Racing Clinic My Words

Unfortunately, I didn’t had the chance to talk with Gord, he was very busy explaining and demonstrating few different things to the participants. I’ve talked with few participants (which, luckily, two were old friends I haven’t have seen for a while) and they were all unanimous, the 110% Racing Clinic has really helped them to understand how to maintain, setup and drive their vehicles. Some participants have drove more than eight hours to attend to the camp.

Ty and Gord Tessmann - 110% Racing Clinic My Words

I wished I could have been a participant, I’ve only been there one hour and I’ve learned very cool things just by watching Gord and Ty explaining and demonstrating how to break differentials in and how to rebuild shocks. Don’t search this kind of information on the web, only pros like Ty and his dad can show you all those little details. Details that we all under estimate but sure make a huge difference between finishing first or second (or not finishing at all!).


As bonus, the participants receive hundreds of dollars in free goodies from ProTek, Proline Racing, MIP, HPI, Nitrotane and Avid.

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