1-2-3 at Timezone Grand Prix

On the weekend of November 9-11, Mark Day’s Timezone II Raceway once again hosted North America’s best on-road drivers for some high-grip carpet action. The three-day event featured practice on Friday, three rounds of qualifying Saturday, and triple A Mains on Sunday. The Timezone crew generously provided huge lunches for the racers and Charlie “Beads” Suangka made the trip to call the action.


In Modified 1/12 scale, Keven Hébert has been on a tear as of late and this race was no exception. Keven piloted his Reedy/LRP-powered 12R5.2 to a convincing TQ against a very solid field of 1/12 racers. In equally convincing fashion, Hebert drove away from the field in the first two legs of the A Main to take the title and the beautiful Timezone timepiece that comes with it. Teammate Mike Haynes found some good pace in the mains and joined Keven on the podium with a second-place finish.

The best show of the weekend was the close battle between a trio of Reedy-powered TC6.1’s piloted by Kody Knudtson, Mike Haynes, and Keven Hébert. It came down to the last lap of qualifying where Hébert just outpaced Haynes by the slightest of margins. Knudtson wound up third qualifier about one second behind the front two.

The first two legs of the A Main almost mirrored each other, with Keven pulling out a small lead only to see it shrink as Mike and Kody mounted their charge. It was very close, but Keven had that little extra and took the wins in the first two main events to claim his second win of the weekend. Haynes and Knudtson completed the AE/Reedy/LRP sweep with a 1-2 finish in leg three.

Thanks to Mark Day and crew for another spectacular Timezone GP!

(No, we don’t know why the big, furry guy with the funny hat is in the photo, either!)

Source: www.teamassociated.com

Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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